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Honda Vt 400 pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Sida, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    got my bike (honda vt400 shadow) a few weeks back and im looking for a new exhaust. I havn't found any on the links that are suggested here (in the bling your ride thread) but i have found some for the vt750. I was wondering if anyone knows if the 750 pipes will fit the 400, or if there is a site/shop that sells exhuasts for the 400.



  2. G'day Sida,

    You're bike will take a life of it's own with a decent set of pipes. Below are some options for you. To get a hold of Moriwaki you will need to torder thru Mick Hone motorcycles in Box Hill, Melbourne.


    Good luck.
  3. thanks for the prompt reply :)

  4. G'day, from a fellow Shadow Rider! Hope you also join this group http://shadowbikers.net/index.html , where you'll find plenty of advice re Honda Shadow bits and pieces, as well as some who can hook you up with what you need...bike/ride-wise of course!
  5. If your Vic based I suggest you try Megacycle, the boys down there are bloody brilliant at what they do, my pipes (VT750) are Highway Hawks, bought through the Internet.

    Doubt very much if the 750 pipes fit the 400 though.

    That's my bike with Highway Hawks fitted in my Avatar.
  6. @ WolfishGrin
    Thanks for the link, i will be sure to join up :)

    @ nobby
    do Megacycle do custom jobs? i was hoping to get something similar to these <http://www.metricthunder.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=MT&Category_Code=VT750> then heat wrap them.
  7. Megacycle do custom very well
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    Hi Everyone,

    I too have a Vt400 which I am looking at getting aftermarket pipes for. I found this video on YouTube of someone that has fitted Vance & Hines to VT400 supposedly I was wondering if anyone could tell me which particular ones they are?