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Honda VT 1100 2003 Model Cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by morty900, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Movers...

    Today I say farewell to what has been a fantastic and capable ride: the Kawasaki Eliminator 250.

    My eyes are now set (without plan or insight) on the Honday VT 1100 Cruiser @ 8,500kms.

    League, I ask - Should I steer clear? Has anyone had negative experiences that would sway one in another direction?

    Input and learned insight very very welcome.


  2. Just looked up the Honda VT 1100 sabre on bikesales.

    Looks like a pritty hot bike.

    How much you looking at paying for it?
    Just saw one on bikesales in Melb for just under 9 grand with 4,500 kms

    But depending on your price range, maybe look at a vstar?
  3. Yep I saw that one too - have purchased a Triumph Bonneville

  4. Cannot speak for the 1100 however I have a 750 and I think it is great. I am a chick so that probably means very little (Bikes are for riding not fixing). The thing I liked when picking it out was the shaft drive. I know you don't get as much fuel economy but it is worth not having the chain thinggy to mess with. I looked at the 1100 as well and I didn't like the foot pedal but I am sure I'd get used to it. 8500ks isn't many k's ...it is only a baby but 4000 is even better! I did 8500 in one holiday and didn't have one minute of trouble...not even a flutter. Mind you I always keep it serviced ...clean oil and filters. I have only just put a new battery which isn't bad seeing as I don't ride everyday. Just so happens I had Kawazaki EL250 before too. I bought my 750 new and found the service great at Honda Townsville. I go in somethimes to look at bigger bikes and Scott always talks me out of it!! I look at it and think to myself I have the perfect combination already! Good luck with it.... :LOL:
  5. Freaky!

    I had a grey import EL250 sports edition (loved it!) but just recently bought a 750 shadow... and love it!

    if the 1100 is anything like this one, it'll be comfortable, capable and willing.. you can just putt along nice and chilled... or get moving :)

    The only thing is I'll be getting some flatter bars (might tighten up the ride a bit), same distance from my body (cause it's real comfy there), but have my hands a little closer together (to NOT be a damn parachute on the freeway).

    Am really glad I bought it... very nice bike