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Honda vs. Kawasaki - HELP!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gendrell, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Looking for first bike, and it's really hard to find a review for either the Honda CBR250RR or the Kawasaki ZZR250.

    If someone could please tell me the pros and cons of each, I'd really appreciate it. Looking for '97 or later. And I'm a 5' 5" female if it makes a difference.

    Thanks in advance, any advice at all is appreciated!
  2. ring up your local insurance company and ask for a quote on both bikes,

    I think you will be owning a ZZR in no time

  3. Well,if you can afford it go the CBR250RR,much better bike all round. Dont forget to look at FZRs and ZX2Rs as well,just as good as a CBR and heaps better than a ZZR.You might find parts for the Greys a little harder to come by,but they're worth it in the long run imo.Good luck and happy riding when you get your new bike. :D 8)

    Edit: Sorry 4got to mention insurance,you might find half the insurance companies havent heard of the Greys,when i had my old FZR250 back in 96 i couldnt get insurance at all! :shock:
  4. I'd recommend both.. but Marty is right about the Insurance.. zzr will be cheaper. Go sit on a couple of them and buy the one that feels the most comfortable! (After getting it checked out first of course :) )
  5. Hi there. Can I ask the question do you really want a fully Fairing bike ??
    They are both ok all round bikes..
    You should try a VTR250. They have low seat, great handling and power.
  6. I test rode a CBR250RR and a ZZR on the day I bought my ZZR (a different one) about 3 weeks ago.

    My 2 cents worth

    • 1. Both bikes have a low seat height - great for you at 5'5". The ZZR is very light and easy to manouvre

      2. The CBR250RR is a rocket and redlines at 19,000, The ZZR is much more conservative at 14,000.

      3. The CBR250RR is setup as a race bike. In my mind a CBR250RR with 20,000kms on it has had 20,000 fairly hard ridden (possibly flogged) k's on it. I have been told a number of times the CBR250RR was built and designed for the boy racers.

      4. Check your insurance premiums, you'll pay HEAPS more for the CBR250RR (#3 above)

      5. I don't think I could ride a CBR250RR for much longer than about 2 hours. I could sit on my ZZR for 5-6 without a problem

      6. I found the ZZR much easier to ride, more relaxed, more comfortable.

      7. The ZZR has pretty good resale. I don't know about the CBR250RR

    Can I also suggest that you look at the Suzuki Across and perhaps a Kwakka GPX250. The GPX250 has the same motor and gear box as the ZZR, just a little less plastic and finish to it, it'll also cost you less than the ZZR
  7. With the exception clearly of price, insurance, maintenance and reliability. Comfort probably is worth mentioning too, and ridability.

    Just thought I better add the disclaimer to that comment!
    :LOL: :p
  8. I have a ZZR250 and the only problem I find with it is my legs sit against the fairings on the sides, but at 5'5 this probably won't be a problem for you :)

    The ZZR is a great and easy ride, though after about 2 hours my backside gets very sore! Also there are heaps of them around.

    good luck!
  9. While the cbr is definately cool for a 250 I wouldn't recommend dropping the cash on one unless you plan to a)not crash it, cos the fairing repair will be thru the roof and b)stay on it for a couple of years.

    Buying my first bike I went with a gpx 'cos I knew I wouldn't be too upset if I crashed the thing and I'll have an extra couple of grand to go towards a newish R6, cbr900 or any other sweet a$$ bike as soon as I can upgrade. It's pretty bad math when a cbr250 is usually around $5000 and a '95 fireblade 900 is between $6000-$700, only an extra 1-2k for 4 times the bike!
  10. Price wise you get what you pay for. The CBR is better in every dynamical aspect. If you lust for comfort go buy a Ford Fairlane. There isnt a huge price difference if you know where to look. Insurance wise, there may be quite a difference, the ZZR being Aust delivered, most CBR's werent (CBR250's were Australian delivered, however they are very rare and very expensive). Cant beat Honda reliability. Ridability? Define ridability. CBR's are easier to go fast on as they are designed to go fast. They are better in traffic as they are lighter and smaller than ZZR's. What else dictates ridability?

    Parts are dead easy to find for both bikes. Its just a matter of knowing where to look. Yuki at Southern Cross Sports in Heidelberg can get whatever you need/want(for CBR250s 400s and NSR125s 250s adn maybe otheres) and his prices are fantastic.

    Go the CBR, it'll do everything you want and keep you interested a little longer.

    That said, the ZZR is a great little bike.
  11. looking for a first bike...simple!
    go the ZZR..better to ride, cheaper to run
    cheaper to insure cheaper to service
    no vices, easier to ride and handle
    the CBR is more a race bike along the lines of the ZX2R
    if you want sumfin faster after 12 months
    flog the ZZR and get a CBR
    in the meantime, stay with the ZZR

  12. Wow,thanks cowboy,last person i expected that from. :LOL: :D
    Anyway,i started off on a GPX had it for about a year,then i went a FZR250RR,the FZR was without a doubt a better bike in EVERY aspect,i had no problems with the seating position,could ride it all day long. It was heaps better at handling,accelerating,braking which means its a safer option imo.Maintenance/Reliability was no problem,never had a single thing go wrong for 25,000 odd ks,from a bike that was regularly at 19,000 rpm,i think thats pretty bloody good!
    Price? Well Greys arent that much more expensive (apart from the official Honda CBR 250 which,as Cowboy pointed out,are pricey!) especially when you compare the performance! An inline 4 craps on the inline 2s which imo,makes the Greys a much better buy,you're getting that much more of a better bike man! The only issue is insurance,which will cost a bit more.
    So,ive had both and can quite easily say that the inline 4s are the bike to go for,you'll be much happier in the long run man. :D 8)

    BTW: An inline 4 will better prepare you for the next step up too,unless you intend to ride tourers all your life?.
  13. Well, not everyone can live with a race bike when they're trying to commute you know :wink:

    And I'll maintain that if you're not comfortable on a bike, then it's not easier/faster/better to ride. Ultimately, you need to pick a bike you can ride and enjoy riding - not a bike that could go faster if it suited you better.

    EDIT: thought I might add - I too have tried an FZR250 (Koma's one), but didn't suit me at all. So yeah, comes down to the rider, IMO!
  14. Dont be such a softy! :D I commuted from Croydon to Dandenong 6 times a week in the middle of winter on my old Fizzer 250.(Im about 6ft btw so im no short arse. :LOL:) If ya wanna learn to ride fast,GPXs and ZZRs just dont cut it man,they're a tourer and thats it mate.
    By all means get a bike thats right for you,but if you cant ride a Fizzer or the like,you may as well give up on any dreams of R1s or so forth and relegate yourself to the softy world of touring bikes. :LOL: :D

    BTW How could you NOT enjoy riding a Fizzer 250? They're great little bikes! Another thing,im a sportsbike freak and will always push someone in that direction just as you are pushing the softy route :D so yes,im very biased and happy to admit it! :LOL: :D Have a good one mate and take care :p 8)
  15. Bikes are designed to go fast. If you want comfort go buy a car. Much more comfy.
  16. Hi Gendrell,

    Thought I might give u my 2 cents too! :)

    I'm about 167cm (5"5?) and have a kwacka zxr250a (or zx2r)...and absolutely luuurvvveee it. As u may already know, the zxr250a is the kwacka equivalent of the cbr250rr. It redlines at about 19K and has a racebike riding position.

    I love my zxr250 because I found it forgiving enough when I first got my L's...and yet, it has enough 'get up and go' in it to accomodate my improving skills...Looking at how much I've improved in the last few months that I've had my L's...and knowing that I still have another year on a 250cc, I'm glad I got my zxr250.

    In terms of comfort, I commute on my zxr250 everyday and have found no problems with it. Yes, the seat can be a bit hard after about 2-3 hours of non-stop riding, but hopefully u don't have 2 commute that far to work/home! Maybe some of the bigger guys will find the zxr250's racing position a bit cramped, but at my height, I've not had a problem with it...even after 8 hours in the saddle.

    As to insurance, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Yes, there will be some insurance companies that don't insure grey imports...but I also found that there are enough insurance companies that will insure greys to give u a good choice. My baby is insured with CGU insurance - they let me keep my rating 1 and charged me $400 a year with $400 excess.

    The only thing that I really have to whinge about on my zxr250 is the fuel consumption! I ride with a few Honda Spadas, and am always the one that has to make the first call for a fuel stop...and the one with the most expensive fuel bill! :oops: I get about 150km before I have to switch to reserve...and will get around 20km on that.

    So, in my opinion, its not really the Honda cbr250rr versus Kwacka zzr250...if u're looking at something like a cbr250rr, I'd suggest u check out the kwacka zxr250. Its a similar bike to the cbr250rr in performance etc. but the zxr250 will often be better value for money. For eg. My baby WAS in perfect condition when I got her...and I got her for $3,200 with 34K on the clock. AND it had upside down forks...something which I understand u'll find it hard 2 find in a cbr250rr.

    Apologies for the long post, but I was in the same position as u a few months ago and know how confusing getting ur 1st bike can all be...so, hopefully this helps a bit...!
  17. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    The last 3 fills on the ZZR were between 320km and 350km and there no sign of needing the reserve on any of them. The ZZR has an 18l tank.
  18. :LOL: my point exactly, Doonks!

    If I'm lucky, I might get about 170-180km before I have to go to reserve! And that's with a 16L (+2L reserve) tank :p
  19. Try not revving it to 19000 all the time! :LOL: :D When im givin' it to the Gixxer thou',it gets 180 ks on a tank,take it easy though and fuel consumption decreases. 8)
  20. Not sure about the CBR250, but I ride a zzr250 in the inner city all the time and thanks to a wonderful little thing called liquid cooling, it doesn't get so hot that paint peels off the cars beside me in city traffic. That's a good thing in my books... oh, and I tend to push it pretty damn hard on my lil bike (keeping up with bigger bikes and my ego) and still get over 320k per tank before I hit reserve. Yay cheap fuel costs! Yay pretty bike! Yay not sore ass all the time! Yay not sore back!
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