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Honda VFR800Fi 6th Gen

Discussion in 'Archived' started by tonee, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. I'm on the market again to sell an impulse purchase I made over a month ago. I was on the market and my mate wanted to sell it and so what heck might as well!

    Nothing wrong with the bike, its an absolute beautiful machine. I commute through the city so I'd like something that's a bit more nimble to flick around traffic.

    The previous owner was mature and has had it garaged for all of its life so when I got it it was in showroom condition and its still is! except I've kept it under covers.

    so its a
    2006 Honda VFR800Fi 6th Gen
    Pearl Black
    16xxx km
    Extras: V8 sounding Staintune exhaust which are road worthy with the baffles on, aftermarket black levers.
    The tyres are near new Pirelli Angels.
    I've just replaced the rear brake pads and will be replacing the fronts soon.
    Comes with all stock parts inc. exhaust, levers and pillion grab handles

    99.99% sure it will pass road worthy after the front pads are in.

    It's still registered in QLD and will selling it as it is. RWC included

    PRICE DROP: $8300 ONO.
    It has a clear title, not written off, stolen or financed.

  2. JJ's...

    Good bike, Very well looked after.
  3. Still for sale PRICE DROP: $8300, I want a quick sale so any offers will be considered

    Will update pics soon. So far its got Gold rims, 2 weeks old DID Gold chain and sprocket, Gold bar ends, new brake pads all around and new K&N air and oil filters.
    It's in excellent condition.
  4. That will look nice.. Look forward to pix.

    It's a very good bike, sure you want to sell it.. Upgrade the suspension, it will hold it's own in the twisties and eat up 800k day rides easily.
  5. God I thought someone had stolen my bike "" very good price great bike and very unforgiving ..good luck with the sale ..
  6. Updated pics
  7. Damn those pics look good.
  8. $8700 with Registration till June 2013
    New Vic plate is 1G6BU
    VIN: JH2RC46U56M800351 if you need to do a check.
    Not written off, no finance, all clear
  9. Very nice bike! If I wasn't restricted I would be giving you a call :(
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  10. Thanks! I want to get another bike but can't until I sell this :( looks like its going to be a while...
  11. Is it advertised elsewhere? Gumtree, ebay, bikesales?
  12. If it is he can't say as we don't allow followup sales to other sites.
  13. Are you saying that he isn't able to say "yes it is?", or are you saying that he isn't able to post links?
  14. He can't post links and if he says yes it is that's ok but again can't post links.
  15. Yeah, that's all good mate! It was more just an inquiry because he said it was going to be a slow sale, and I figured I may as well ask if he hadn't already thought of that - to speed up the sale for him if there isn't much interest on here. :angel:
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  16. I certainly have thanks! Bikesales and Trading Post :(
  17. I would suggest gumtree at least - it's free, and eBay. There are a lot more people on eBay than you'd think :p
  18. yeh hoping it picks up soon! (selling on here as well). +1 to krollinator, you should try ebay as well Tony I've used it in the past when selling a 250, had a few enquiries as well.
  19. yeah i hope it picks up soon too, I want a Striple so baad!
  20. God that thing is gorgeous! Wishing I wasn't restricted right now, good luck with the sale
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