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Honda VFR800 & other questions I have no answers to..HEL

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rengel, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm about to upgrade to a new bike in a couple of weeks, due to my licence being upgraded to full-bike licence.
    I've currently got a black Honda VTR250 (1999 model), which I've had for over 9 months, very reliable bike (it's for sale too, check it out on bikesales tomorrow!), and I'm looking at upgrading to a Honda VFR800i (2002/2005 model).

    The only thing is there's no test rides available for this bike at any dealer, and all private sales are out in the country (I live in metro Melbourne).
    I've never ridden one, but I've done my research on it, and love the look of the bike in general. It's also a lot cheaper to insure than the other bikes I've been looking at.. (i.e - BMW K1200S, K1200R, Ducati S4R), I figured I start with a good quality bike first, and I'm wanting to do a lot of touring, but still have the sports feel and look to it, hence the VFR.

    My friend has an older VFR (98 model) ,and he swears by it. Mind you this hasn't got the VTEC stuff in it as the new ones do.

    Has anyone owned, or got a VFR800 (2002/2005 model) that they can give me some info about? I.E - resale value, SALE value, general 'all rounder' bike (as I'll be using it to get to work everyday), touring country riding, fuel consumption, etc?

    I'm looking at originally paying around $17k for a new one, with 0kms.
    Looking at getting pipes put on it too, to make it sound a little meaner ;)
    I've looked into www.redbook.com.au and they're priced at around $14k for private sale? And $9k for dealers? Am I getting ripped?

    I've looked at all sportsbikes in general, and dont like the seating position, too racy for touring. VFR looks the way to go.

    Some advise from fellow riders would be much appreciated!

    Also, another friend of mine has just bought a YZF1000, on his P's.
    But apparently he has been able to get insurance! I thought since you're not licenced to ride that capacity of bike, nobody would insure you?
    Plus if the police end up pulling you over, you'll have to walk or get a cab home! (image if you went country riding???)... He thinks police will simply give you a $100 slap on the wrist,and that be it.

    My problem is that I can't finance my bike AFTER October, due to changing jobs (makes it hard to get finance after saying you've only been with a company for 2 weeks!), so I'll have to finance the bike BEFORE I'm fully licenced. It's a matter of weeks really, but it makes the difference between getting the $$ for the bike and not! My thoughts are buy the bike, store it in the garage, and wait until your licenced (matter of weeks) before jumping on it. Question is, would the dealer let me purchase the bike without a full-licence?

    So many questions...

    Cheers All.

  2. Triumph Sprint ST, you may still be able to get an 04/05 model as a run out deal including panniers and top box, pretty good value for around $15,000 or maybe less.
  3. Re: Honda VFR800 & other questions I have no answers to.

    The insure companies are of course more than happy to take your money, paying out for a claim is another matter :wink:

    What would happen in your friend's case would be for them to say that as he was not legally allowed to ride the bike his insurance policy is invalid :roll:

    VFR8 is not a bad bike, but do expect it to be replaced next year with a completely new model.
  4. Re: Honda VFR800 & other questions I have no answers to.

    Sure they'll insure it and take his money each year but if he ever tries to put in a claim he might find it rejected. Also in Victoria at least I believe the only penalty for riding a +250cc bike is a $280 fine with no loss of demerit points.
  5. http://www.ozvfr.net/ is an Australian VFR site and has many 6th Generation owners. Ask there and you will get more info and opinions than you know what to do with.

    Is a Yank VFR site and is great for about every VFR related topic, especially modifications.

    I'd find it best to go to a specialist site to answer the specific questions you have.

    One thing, many and I do mean many, people bag the absolute shit out of the Vtec system. It isn't variable for a start, at 7,000 it goes from 2 valve to 4. The transition can be jerky and some feel it makes the bike dangerous if it kicks in while leant over in a corner (that said I've never heard of an accident caused by it).

    Given that you have never ridden one, I'd be careful parting with thousands of dollars for a bike you don't know you like the feel of or not. Take some time and find one to ride and then ride a 5th gen for comparison.

    Looks are a personal thing, I hate the current model and think mine (99 VFR) is the Playboy centrefold of the bikeing world. Each to their own.

    Lastly, you are clearly a man of astute taste and will no doubt make the right personal choice, have fun mate! ;)
  6. I so wanted a vfr 800 as a second bike and was super keen this would be my bike until I rode it.
    Many people swear bu them and for all intents and purposes it is a very good bike but wasn't for me.
    Make sure you can get a test ride if possible to make sure.
    The k1200s is a different breed of bike and doesn't compare with the vfr as are the other bikes you mentioned.
    Personally I's stay away from the vtec as they are just made for the sake of technology rather tna anything else.
    Power etc are almost identical to the non vtecs and the non vtecs have gear driven cams which last forever.
  7. There were test rides up from grabs at the HART Ride for Life weekend eariler this year. Didn't get a chance to go around the bloock but it was by far the most comfortable bike I sat on while there.

    I believe there are are a few netriders going to the HRCA Phillip Island track day this month, you usually get to test ride the fleet of Hondas at these days so perhaps give HRCA a call and see if they will have the VFR there to take around the track.
  8. As you are upgrading from a 250... I would sugest buying an older VFR750... cheaper on insurance and much more user friendly than the 800's...
  9. rengel, I'm in the same boat as you... only 8 months behind. I've been eyeing the VFR and SR4 for a while now. The riding position seems a lot more friendlier than that of the RR's. Only thing holding me back is my P's...

    Are you in position to attend the Honda Ride day at PI later this month? maybe you can test ride the VFR there... I've asked them to ride a 600RR but some RTA road rules apply, i.e. you have to be licensed for the bike... best they could give me was a track-side seat, as they didn't plan to bring any 250 bikes down.

    Re your friend who bought the litre Yammy... being pulled over by the cops should be the last thing s/he worry about. Just think of all the different insurrances (3rd party damage to property, RTA, life, income etc....) doubt any of them would payup... as s/he was effectively performing an illegal act... don't know, maybe it's just me being jealous.

    Let us know how you go with your bike upgrade.
  10. Before I bought the 9R coupla years ago, I considered the VFR.

    The Honda dealer @ hoppers was trying to arrange a test ride on the only Vic Honda dealer network's test ride bike... but they couldn't get it happening... one excuse after another... so I didn't bother anymore. My $15K went to Kwaka instead.

    Seems like Honda still haven't got it happening.

    Renegel, no shop would let you test ride a bike you're legally not allowed to ride... but having said that, there's no law against them selling you the bike... you could buy it and keep it in the garage...


  11. Re: Honda VFR800 & other questions I have no answers to.

    Welcome rengel. Mate, you can finance, buy, own, register and insure the VFR quite happily before you're fully licenced (I did exactly that when I bought my Sprint ST - as Scooter said, well worth a look). But, if you get caught riding it, the Police will go you big time, and if you tried to make an insurance claim for damage caused while riding it illegally, you're equally stuffed. But it'll be covered for theft from your garage.

    Hope that helps.

  12. I'd suggest spending a bit less on the first upgrade bike. I'm guessing that if you are resonably young 19-21 and needing to secure finance quickly because you are changing jobs then funds are a bit tight. Be honest with yourself about the riding you will do. Break it up in percentage terms in Touring, commuting, track days, weekend twisties and then buy the bike that best suits the two highest percentages. eg. 100% touring = BMW. 100% twisties = something with lots of R's in the model name.
    Me, 80% of my riding is commuting, 10% touring, 10% twisties. The Firestorm was a good fit.
  13. Don't HART/Honda offer test rides at their facility at Broadmeadows?
    'sfar as I know, you just have to book through a dealer.
    Since they also do licence courses there, I'd imagine there'd be no drama about your restrictions.
  14. Umm, in case you didn't read the topic, he's not asking about triumphs at all....
  15. Don't get your nose out of joint ar see, btw like my new avatar?
  16. Actually, a good VFR750 isn't too hard to find and you should be able to pick one up @ around 3-4,000 for an early 90's model up to 6-7,000 for the last 750 model. don't worry about the kms too much as these engines were made nigh on bullet proof after the dodgy VF1000 and it's problems getting oil to the cams. Good, reliable bikes and affordable to boot, buy two! ;)
  17. Hey guys,

    Wow, what a response!! Incredible.
    Im' going to recommend everyone to this forum, why didn't I find this forum before hand!!

    I just sent my VTR250 in for a service and a road worthy. It's all happening!
    I had a look at the Sprint ST, but I didn't like the look of the dash and I thought it was slightly 'skinny'. I'm 6"2, so I feel like a little bit of a monkey on my current bike! I test rode a friend's VTR1000 a few months back, WOW what a bike, too much power for me though!
    I've sat on a VFR800 and it suits me beautifully, I love the look and LOVE THE SOUND with a decent system on it. (No I'm not a bogan hehe)..

    I've looked at heaps of bikes, the 750VFR looks good too,but I'm keen on the underseat exhausts, and the whole front 'nose' of the bike. I like the digital speedo/tacho too, very nice. I'm pretty much 100% sold on the latest model VFR.

    I'm not stressed about cops or insurance, as I'm going to do the right thing...

    1. Buy the bike.
    2. Hope to God that I don't have an accident on the WAY TO THE house/garage, or get done by cops.
    3. Garage it for 3 weeks
    4. Full Licence time - sort out insurance, hey presto! Let's go riding.

    I'm going to wack my VTR250 in bikesales this weekend, hopefully that will go quick... it's been the most reliable thing to me ever. Never any issues. It's getting it's major service done right now with a roady as I said, so spending a bit on the service, so it's nice for the next person!

    Very excited to go touring with this bike, from a percentage point:

    - 50% commute to work each day.
    - 50% riding on weekends/nights (twisties/country riding/touring)

    Like I said I had a crack on the Firestorm, very nice looking and sounding V-Twin but too much power for me, and the seating position was a bit painful on the wrists after a while (not to mention the lack of foam in the seat).

    There's a few dealers around ATM who are selling new VFR's for $17k, can someone tell me if they think this is a good or bad price to pay? Should I be bargaining them to include a system (exhaust) in it for $17k, or am I dreaming?

    I'll have a look at those other VFR devoted sites too.
    As for my mate, he thinks he has better control of a larger bike as opposed to his Zeal which he had for a month.
    He's got insurance through AAMI I think, apparently 'they only asked him if he had a full CAR licence', strange.. yer, I agree - once it comes to claiming... BUH BOM...

    I'm 26 years of age.. the best I could do for a VFR was $940 per year, fully comprehensive, with $450 excess.