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Honda VFR800 - mint 2000 model

Discussion in 'Archived' started by rcscottyp, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. Deleted

  2. **** me

    how hot is this bike and how cheap is that price...


    (P.s. dammit restrictions in 3 months!!!)
  3. If I had less than the 11 months left on LAMS that I do.....
  4. Yeah this is exactly the thing I want after i'm off LAMS.
  5. looking nice, probably look at something like this when/if i move on from the sv...

    good luck!
  6. 6 is a bit high, if only given its age. Looks nice and clean. The VFR is a top but of kit though, and I'd know...
  7. 'A bit high'. You're kidding aren't you? On what basis do you make this comment?

    There's another Viffer on here, two years older and with 100,000klms for $5,500! Do you not think a minter with a quarter of the kays is worth just $500 more?

    Apart from anything else, it's seriously bad forum etiquette to comment on a sellers price unless you're potential buyer.

    Pls keep your uninformed thoughts to yourself.

  8. No need to be rude rscottyp, your only on the forum to sell the bike anyway.

    I recon it's on the high side too frankly.
  9. Rude is commenting unnecessarily on someone's asking price. What's it to you or anyone else what I'm asking for my bike? The price is perfectly fair.

    Sure, I'm trying to sell my bike here. Big frigging deal. I did buy it here too! Is this the kind of elitist attitude I can expect on Netrider?
  10. #10 Dougz, Nov 5, 2011
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    No, but being an obnoxious twat will get you nowhere.

    If someone wants to make a nicely phrased comment then they can. Pull your head in champ.
  11. Obnoxious twat... you guys are killing me ](*,) My head if firmly on my shoulders 'champ', where it should be. Not up my a$$ like some. I guess some people have all the answers.

    Will move my sale elsewhere.

  12. Not a bad idea Scott, not a bad idea.
  13. The price was fine.
    The comments on his price were not.
    Many other forums will get you a ban for commenting like that. If the rules on this forum don't say that's against the rules, then maybe it should.

    That being said, his reactions were over the top and childish too by pulling the ad.
    This bloke has paid his $10 membership, and then was driven away.

    Well. Done.
  14. LOL

    #1 - Am I kidding? - No

    #2 - On what basis do you make this comment? - Points #3, #4 below. Please read on.

    #3 - I bought an '01 VFR800Fi in '05 in just as Mint condition, and with 12,000k's on it. Mouth went and looked at it with me, and a number of the old guard knew the bike well. I paid $7800 then and it had been on the market for 2-3 months. You're asking $6000 for a very near 12 yr old bike admittedly in great condition. You do the math

    #4 - I have since purchased a brand new 2006 VFR (current bike). I know the bikes well enough to have formed an opinion that in the current market $6K is a little high. I didn't say "stupidly high" or "Tell him he's dreamin'!" did I?

    #5 - You put it out there, it's NOT bad etiquette (or netiquette) to make a comment. It was perhaps made as a little bit of assistance.

    #6 - Have you ever thought the '98 with 100K K's at $5,500 was in any way realistic? That one IS dreamin'!

    #7 - My comment most certainly is not uninformed (see points #3, #4 above), and I have every right to post anything I like on these forums as long as it is within the forum guidelines.

    Now, is there anything else you'd like to know? Good luck with your sale, I hope you get what you're asking for it. Have a nice day :)
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  15. #15 Dougz, Nov 7, 2011
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    Well said Doonx. It was his reaction to the comments that sparked my comment. Too many princesses on this site these days *sigh*
  16. Ha,

    I jumped on to look at the bike as I am thinking of getting one again after having a 2001 model and loving it.

    Even thought the bike isn't here - it was worth the read!
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