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Honda VFR800 '98

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dazzler, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Up for sale is my much loved Viffer.

    This bike is well known on the Victorian rides, reliable and dependable and in very good condition. Sounds great too!

    The VFR is one of the few bikes that successfully blends sports and touring.

    Registered until Jan 2012
    Recently replaced front brakes- $100 (12K ago )
    Barnett racing clutch- $280(10K ago)
    Near new Pilot Road 2's- $550 (5K ago)
    Oxford Heated Grips- $160
    Aftermarket Reg/Rec and a new battery 1 year ago.
    Serviced every 6K (Motul 5100- the best oil for a Viffer).
    Omrae carbon fibre pipe (also original pipe)
    Polished rims
    Tinted Double Bubble Screen (and original)
    Upgraded headlights
    Headlight protector
    Rear cowl
    Bike cover

    Shes done 100K, but to put it in perspective, thats less than 10K per year.

    I had a dyno test last year and it still puts out 101HP at the rear wheels in 5th gear.

    I'm asking $5,500 (there's $500 of Rego there too)

    Selling due to licence woes:cry:


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  2. Wow, if I wanted a viffer.

    Good luck with the sale, Mate
  3. exactly what hawklord said... and i kinda do want one :p

    good luck selling it!
  4. Noo dont do it!

    You'll regret it one day, I promise.
  5. v.nice looking

    wish i was off my P's...:(
  6. You don't see many silver VFR's.
    Come on, it's a great bike.
  7. I passed 100,000km today, so the price went down a little as a result.
  8. 100,000 km's.

    awesome effort.

    no reason it cannot do it again!
  9. Looks great mate, any more pics?
  10. Thanks Sheeth, I do have a few pics.

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  11. update

  12. How can you still not have sold this thing! it's a bloody bargain!!!

    Stupid ****ing lams bullshit, what if i WANT to kill myself on an over-awesome sports bike!!!
  13. Dunno, maybe guys are more inclined to go straight to litres or 600's once off their restrictions.

    The thing about the VFR is that it doesn't do anything better than all other bikes, but it does everything really, really well (and sounds sweet doing it)

    The temptation to ride is really biting, I've only done 3K since Feb and none of that's been group rides.
  14. How long are you in License preservation mode Daz?

    You know deep down you really want to keep the Viffer, the sweet sound of the V4 as you wind it out up the hills, the warm weather is rising, the siren call of the Alpine Way is sending seductive messages deep into your soul ;)
  15. end of April 2012, I know it's only six months, but as you so eloquently put it. . . 'the sweet sound of the V4 as you wind it out up the hills, the warm weather is rising, the siren call of the Alpine Way is sending seductive messages deep into your soul' You can be cruel Chris :wink:
  16. what he said
  17. Vested interest of the Viffer community, I have always been of the opinion you should keep it. ;) But I understand the temptations.
  18. I have seen this bike a couple of times when Daz rolled down to sat morn prac sessions to say hi, and each time the bike looked like what you see in the pics, spotless and no need to say how nice it looks..
    I am surprised it hasnt sold as yet, few people looking at upgrading, maybe chicken78 might be interested, she jumped an a kwak 650 on sat morn and said she'd rather a lower ride position, might be a contender there, send her a PM Daz.. never ever know your luck in a big city
  19. Okay - if I get a good phone call next Friday then I am changing jobs.

    And if the new job does not come with a car assigned to me then I will need a good reliable bike to get me to and from the office (not the High Tea Racer that's for sure).

    If I need a daily ride then this is the very bike I would buy.

    PM sent.
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  20. Now Sold, Thanks all.
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