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Honda VFR750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by justkroozin', Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I am just starting to look around for a bigger bike to replace my Virago 250. I love the cruiser but with long legs it gets a bit uncomfortable after a while and as I do long rides (300km on average) I need something higher.

    Last night I had a test ride on a 94 Honda VFR750 which was totally different to what I am used to :grin: Well I didn't disgrace myself and drop it so that was a plus!!

    Anyway, what I want is some info from anyone who knows a bit about the VFRs. Info like - why would it have one disc thinner than the other? This one has done 30,000km and he wants $6000 or $5,500 without RWC. Course I plan to haggle!!!!!

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  3. Great bike - one of the best ever made.
    30,000k is nothing on one of these. Price seems right, but the brake disc is a worry.
    Maybe he damaged one (disk-lock?), and replaced with a new one?

    Honda also made a cruiser with this motor - VF750C. didn't sell many, tho', and the low seat height prolly wouldn't suit you.
  4. If it's a genuine 30 thou after 12 years then it's a bargin. Ask if it's been dropped and if the speedo is the original. Sounds like very low kays after that length of time.

    I'd have someone you trust have a good look over the bike to see if there is any hidden or obvious crash damage.

    Generally speaking VFRs are all very good bikes with motors that are near on impossible to break. Their main appeal is their all-rounder ability, I commute to work, go weekend fanging and have taken mine to a few track days. There are faster, lighter bikes but few can cover as many bases as well as a VFR.
  5. VFR750

    Fantastic bike,they f*d up with the first VF750,s and they had really bad cam problems and Honda had invested heaps on the machine and it really went bad,so they then threw truckloads of Yen at it from an engineering point of view and the gear driven cams and totally over engineered it and built a bullet proof bike,so as to regain consumer confidence,it worked,superb motor.Almost bought one,only thing I found was rear subframe on earlier models a bit flimsy if you want to lug heaps of crappola and tour.
    You will be up for disk rotors and a caliper rebuild maybe,dont know if I would go near it without a RWC,he,s selling it without one because he knows in all probabilty its going to cost him the better part of in all likelyhood 1500 bananas to RWC it,and bananas are now in scare supply so it could cost you more.Tread carefully. :?
  6. 2500km a year, for 12 years?

    *spider senses tingling...*
  7. VFR750

    I know the guy who has it, and he knows the previous owner. He's had it about 6months and apparently the wife needs curtains for the new house!! So it had a RWC 6 months ago.
    He's never dropped it and it all looks straight.
    It's going in for the 30k service so I guess they would pick up any problems. He mentioned some kind of engine noise to my hubby too but no details. :-(
  8. 30,000km & $6000 sounds like a good pick up. Had one with similar k's up until a couple of months ago when I sold it to update.
    Not sure about the uneven disc wear. Mechanically they are very solid, low on the maintenance but Reg rectifiers would be the weakest link. These can be hit or miss, in that some do and some don't. Worst case scenario will cook the battery when it fails, best case is just the Reg/rec. Be on the lookout for when the speedo goes all stupid, as you will probably stop very soon...
  9. Thanks everyone for the info on the Honda VFR750.

    Funny how much can happen in a week. I bought a Suzuki GSX750F on Saturday :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Thanks Eberbachl !!!! Counting the sleeps!!
  10. Not a bad choice at all, I rode a 2004 GSX750F and was hard pressed to get off the bike. I wanted to keep riding until the fuel ran out or the tyres exploded!!

    Good thing about the GSX750F over the VFR750 is the fact that the GSX is less of a pain in the ass to work on, so workshop fees will be considerably lower.