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Honda VFR400R NC24 - Lams Approved

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ad91on, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Heya crew,

    After several riotous months of viffer ownership, i'm moving on due to practical and financial considerations...

    I'm not going to start listing everything about it, the major selling point here is definitely the lams approval, something which is fairly unique to this VFR.

    What can be said? It's a great handling, great sounding, fantastic little package. I sell it very regretfully and after substantial thought; were my situation different i would not even think of letting it go.

    Guaranteed thrills.

    Full ad here: LAMS approved VFR400R

    Will miss it when it's gone :(

    Asking price: $4500

    Attached Files:

  2. me rikey

    EDIT: gets warmer when I have the cash for a second bike :(
  3. Bump for you.
  4. thanks bro, i'm really not trying very hard to sell it to be honest... :p
  5. This bike IS STILL FOR SALE. Same asking price, 54000kms.... much the same condition. So yeah. Buy it if you want :D
  6. Why is there an occy strap holding the back half on? Is it just for luggage?
  7. occy strap has long since been removed :p
  8. Price dropped to $4200.

    New Pics:





    all photos here
  9. Price dropped to $3900
  10. No swapsies for you!
    My bike is naked, and everyone loves being naked, therefore my bike is sexier.
    The end.
  11. I see your point. This is why i want a naked.

    Alternatively i could just get naked.
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  12. GAWN! To unconnected. :D
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