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Honda VFR400R Learner Legal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Signat, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Can somebody please shed some light on a long standing argument. Is the honda VFR400R 4 stroke learner legal in NSW? On the RTA list they only have the Honda VF400F listed, im under the assumption that this is a late 80's bike? I'm positive i've seen a VFR400R in NSW with an L plate on it, my mate says otherwise. HELP! If anyone is unfamiliar, they are single swing arm, double front discs, mean looking little machine. Mainly imports in Australia (QLD Especially). If anyone knows please tell me.



  2. Unfortunately it isn't.

    Misses out by about 5hp (over) I believe.

    They're a sweet bike from everything I've heard. The baby brother of Pepito in fact :D

  3. ahhh ok...hmmm i could indeed never have seen one with an L plate....i agree they look razor sharp, apprently they handle like a fighter jet!
  4. I've seen an R6 with an L plate on it in Melbourne, doesn't make it a learner legal bike.
  5. and that helps me in..........no way at all!
  6. :roll: I thought the answer to your problem was pretty obvious, I guess I'll have to spell my point out to you.

    1. Just because you've seen someone riding a bike with an L plate on it doesn't mean thats its a Learner Legal bike.

    2. The NSW Learner Approved Motorcycle list is authorative on which bikes are legal.

    Approved motorcycles for novice riders

    3. If the bike you want isn't on the above list then its not legal.

    I hope that is more helpful to you.
  7. The VFR400 is not learner legal however the RVF400 is legal. A mate of mine had an RVF....not bad but my NSR250 would have flogged it.
  8. Firstly to Matt232 - thanks for the lesson, I had trouble following it due to my obvious low levels of intellegence, but i think i got the plot by the 5th read. What you said is like saying "just because it has number plates doesnt mean its registered" its a great assumption but I was after a factual answer, so thanks for coming. Try not to answer too many questions with generalistic assumptions, its the same as starting sentances with and.

    Cowboy1600- whats the diff between the RVF and the VFR? From my knowledge the RVF is still a 400 right?

  9. You've got at least two people and an authoritative list indicating the VFR400R isn't a novice bike in NSW. The only evidence you can bring to the contrary is that think you've seen one with a learner plate. Your assumption being that since it has a L plate on it, then it must be legal. My original statement, challenged the assumption you were clinging to.

    I realise that you would dearly love the VFR400R to be novice legal in NSW but you're not going make it true or earn respect by ignoring three people & the aforementioned RTA list while being a smart aleck to people who are trying to help you out.

    And I guess you hold H. G. Wells in contempt as well as myself.

    Well I'm off to contribute elsewhere, so you will never again be bothered by my attempts to help.
  10. Yeah they are. However they have different cams and exhaust that wipes about 7hp off the RVF which in turn sees it fall into the LAMS acceptable list. The RVF is also a littel sportier.

    And by the way, there is nothing wrong with starting a sentance with and :D
  11. Sorry!

    Sorry, re-read it and the VFR400R IS NOT learner legal!
  12. i thought the r6 line was pretty funny :LOL:

    some one needs to get off the rag :shock:

    anyway rvf 400 are nice looking and from what ive seen $ 6-7 k

    ouuuut :cool:
  13. You won't find many rvf's for $6-7k, if so it'll be a turd.

    There's not much difference between rvf's and vfr's. The rvf claims a little less power than the vfr, this was because of a 400cc power limit imposed on the manufacturers in japan, I don't believe it actually has less than the vfr.

    I'm owned 3 vfr's (still have two: one track, road for sale), and had an rvf briefly. Apart from the above mentioned engine differences, smaller carbs on the rvf, the rvf is geared lower, because of this misses out on the close ratio box of the vfr, but has slightly better suspension (mainly due to it not being so old, and look better with USD forks).

    If you were to spend the same amount of mooney on each (rvf's cost a lot more), the vfr will be a far better bike.

    Edit: No they are not learner legal, save up for an RVF.