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Honda VFR 800 K2

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by dryfter, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. #1 dryfter, Oct 2, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012
    I've had this bike for a while, it works well, but I'm looking for something different now, so this one is up for sale.

    2002 Honda VFR800
    Midnight blue
    Staintune pipes
    ~34000 km
    Good service history
    Front tyre replaced fairly recently due to puncture (with Metzeler Z8)
    Rear tyre has maybe 20% tread left at best, will probably need to be replaced in order to get roadworthy.
    Battery replaced a year or two ago.
    Vic Rego until Jan 2013. Vic buyers will receive roadworthy cert.

    It's a ten year old bike, so there are some scuffs from tank bags, riders, parking, you know the deal.. but it's good condition.

    Looking for $5500 with new rear tyre and roadworthy; alternatively, $5000 without.

    PS. The marks on the seat in the photo are drops of water; I gave the bike a wash before these pics and it hadn't quite dried fully.







  2. rego?
  3. Ah, yeah, comes with rego and will have a roadworth cert for Victorian buyers. Will check rego expiry and post here, but it's in 2013 sometime.
  4. tbh i like them
  5. Added more photos.
    Note that you can click the photos to view them larger on Flickr.com
  6. Dropped the price slightly. Have now advertised the bike on ebay as well.
    What do you think of the price? Reasonable for the condition, km and age, or too high?
  7. if you were in Sydney you'd be getting a visit from me

    nice colour, i love this design

    it's the reported intrusiveness of the Vtec on the early models that makes me shy

    good luck though
  8. price seems good, VVR-750s in the 90s are still going for $4990 and a bit more on eBay....
  9. Shipping to Sydney is quite reasonable, or you could ride it back over a weekend?
    last bike I sold, we met in Albury, she was riding it the rest of the way back.
  10. oi, don't you dare go putting ideas in my head
  11. *sigh*
    So far I've had three people (not from netrider) contact me over this bike, arrange to come and look at it, and then just not show up on the day. Because of course I didn't have anything better to do than sit around waiting for people.. :/
  12. keep your head up champ

    thats a bargain price for a kick-ass bike. that colour aint common either.

    i've got the room for a second bike, but not the cash. if my bike hadn't been up for sale when it was, i would've bought this bike off ya.
  13. The price is good but you'd do better if you offered a roadworthy and tidied that chain up. Also, do the panniers come with it?
  14. I mentioned that it does come with a Roadworthy, in second comment I think.. I better put that in the primary info. (It does say that clearly in the places I advertised it later)

    Is the chain really that bad? I thought it was doing pretty well by my standards :(

    Panniers don't come with the bike, although they weren't expensive, so I could do so if that made a deal occur..
  15. I have the room for two bikes as well, just not the money.. otherwise I'd definitely keep the VFR. Quite a different experience from the bike I'm replacing it with. (But I felt like a change)
  16. Dropped the price to $5500 now.
  17. I'm pretty sure the bike will need a new rear tyre to pass a roadworthy.
    As such, please consider the asking price to include a new tyre, giving you basically new tyres on the front and back.
    Alternatively, I will knock some money off the price if sold to someone without roadworthy. (eg. To interstate buyer, or to a Vic buyer who arranges the roadworthy themselves, or without rego at all)
  18. I'd really like to see this bike sold before Christmas.
    Make me an offer, any offer!
  19. 3.5k. Yes its low, but its all I've got and you seem desperate to sell
  20. Thanks, but I've already turned down a couple of higher offers than that. I want to sell the bike, but I'm not so desperate for the money that I'll give it away.
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