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Honda VFR 1200 or something similar?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by oblriding66, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. I am wanting to upgrade from my Suzuki Gladius 650 and am looking for a fairly newish sport tourer type bike (2014 or newer). I haven't been riding for that long, but the little 650 is just too small and not comfortable enough for longer rides, although I do like the more upright position (I'm 6' and around 100kgs). I don't know an awful lot about bikes, more into the old cars really, and I don't intend on tinkering around on my bike in the shed for hours, hence the need for a newer bike. I like the look of the Honda VFR1200, but understand it's pretty heavy, and the ride position is possibly lower than I am looking for. There don't seem to be many around for sale either, which possibly means people are holding onto them because they're a decent bike.
    Does anyone own a VFR1200, or something like it, and can provide any advice? I'm told a BMW1300 rates well against it, but it may be outside my budget.

  2. iClint owned one for quite a while.....
  3. I think there aren't that many around because they didn't sell too well either.

    Have you considered a Ninja 1000?

    I wanted the opposite of you and wanted a bent forward position. Ninja 1000 is very upright and I didn't want to mess around with changing the bars so I passed on it, may suit you though.
  4. Yes, the Ninja's seem to be pretty common too. Hard to get a test ride on the Honda here too, which makes it a bit more difficult. Will spend some time taking some for a test ride next weekend.