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Honda VF750s 1982 model

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mrs. Pete, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hi, noob here. I rode for almost 15 years, started on a sweet little single cylinder LTD250 then had a lovely old XS650 for the rest of it.

    Anyway, Mr Pete (bless him) went and got himself two VF750s - one starts, one is in 170 bits - today for $500. It's been sitting idle for 9 years, has 90,000k on it.

    It has 750(four) side covers on it which caused some initial confusion, (the bloke who owns is has NO IDEA and was flogging it as a 750/4) neither would pay attention when I pointed out that they didn't have shaft drives, but hey I'm just the girl.

    It has some carby issues and a clutch problem (it puts itself into gear when idling) and it's an ugly bloody thing and I hope he(me) gets it going properly and sells it on for something more aesthetically pleasing (and one I can touch the ground on) but in the meantime, so we can get it up and running nicely and sellable, can I please come here and ask insanely stupid technical questions from time to time? :grin:

  2. sure, you may even get some sane answers... maybe.
  3. an interesting bike and a challenging project, fixing it may not be too difficult but selling it may be,

    is it the Black VF750S from 83 or the later VF750 F (Blue/white/red)

    dropping into gear at idle in neutral sounds like a selector drum issue (from memory bottom half of engine to come off for that)

    carb drama's most likely diaphragms holed (liquid latex from a hobby/craft shop) or just shite all through them, pull 'em, clean em damn good and reinstall paying attention to condition of rubber parts and sealing.

    how many km on the engine and how long since it was run regularly.??

    I think the VF750 manual covers all of the pre VFR models

    fire away with the questions, I'm old enough to remember seeing the first ones sold in Sydney
  4. I can't help you with the Honda, but I'm old enough to have owned a new XS-650D :)
  5. I have a workshop manual in pdf for the VF750F (83- )

    Also have a complete clutch assembly in very good cond for the same.

    PM or email if your interested in the manual & I'll pass it along.
  6. try ringing around the wreckers for a second hand engine. they'll be happy to get shot of it and the old VF series had some issues and where never a fun motor to work on.

    that said if it where in SEQLD i would have snapped them up for $500. those things pull like a 16 year old school boy.
  7. Hey those where good bikes back then :) I seem to remember buying one brand new and touring the entire east coast on it :shock:
  8. Please correct me here people if Im wrong [-X but I thought that was the models with all the chronic cam promblems :? till VFR came along :?:
  9. Even the first VFRs had the cam problem (double sided swing arm models).

    The VF wasn't renown for being a particularly well put together bike. It's lucky they have two. Though it was hit and miss and if this one has a steady history it may be one of the better ones, as the bad ones are long since gone.
  10. this is one of the chocolate cam models, dodgy tensioners and big end's had a habit of going AWOL. but also had an of set firing order and lovvvverrrrllyyy to ride when running.

    never heard of any VFR having cam problems... only VF's.

    i was a bit hard on them in my first post... did you know the clutch is only a 15min job. lean the bike over, undo cover and undo cir clip and it's out. slap it back together and you're done.