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Honda VF750C

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Guys,

    i may put my toe in the water and delve into what i class as a modern Jap classics as my next bike.

    the honda MAGNA VF750C is my choice of such a bike. was this model ever brought into australia as an 'offical' model or was it just a grey import? i want to avoid non official bikes if possible.

    with the V4 motor in these, was there any shortcomings?

    thanks if you can help.....

  2. A mate who's still a mate had a Magna, although I'm not sure if it was called that, so, yes, it was locally available. Go to ozvfr.net and find out anything you need to know..
  3. If they were the same motor as the early Vf750f's then they would have had problems with the cams.
    That said, any still running would probably have to have been sorted by now.
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    thanks for the website tip hornet. will suss it out for sure.
  5. Can you indicate approximately what years we are talking about?
    IIRC there were at least two 750cc Honda model families that carried the Magna moniker (not named that in Oz). Both liquid cooled.

    The 80s model was (I think) based on the VF750 which had a long charge sheet of failings. I don't know of any of them carried over to the cruiser.

    The '94 - 2003 model was based on the almost bullet-proof VFR750 although I think they may have dropped to gear-driven cams for chain-driven. Pretty bike, but nobody bought 'em because they didn't clatter and fart like a 'proper' cruiser.
  6. the 94-03 model. i had a mate of mine on this form that had one. it was for sale but i had just bought a brand new M50. i can tell you sitting behind his bike on a ride a few years ago, that they sound better than any cruiser out there. 4 pipes....v4. enough said!!!
  7. Consider the earlier Yamaha V-Max as well.