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Honda VF750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ROAMER, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Hi all!!

    I saw a couple of these bikes yesterday. I like the looks of them, maybe even a potential upgrade from my Virago. Looks like a sports cruiser to me!!! I don't have much knowlege on it. Can someone put some pros.cons for it if you had any personal experience with it?

    Here is the example link: http://www.hondaeast.com/dlrindexsend_pg_pov_veh_119677-1995_Honda_VF750.htm

    many thanks!!!
  2. They use the vfr750 engine.

    Other then that I don't know much about them
  3. They've been sold in the States for years as Honda Magna, quite popular and no big problems. About 80hp and handle OK for a cruiser.
    VFR based motor but chain driven cams instead of gears.
    Not many sold here because people preferred the VT750 twin.

    By the way, they are officially called VF750C (for Custom).
    Important because the old VF750 was a disaster area.
  4. Unless i've gotten my bikes mixed up and confused the vf750 (if it is indeed a different bike) with the vf750f read on.

    The vf750f engine is the predecessor to the vfr. On the positives it is a nice & grunty v4 engine in what i believe was a fairly nice chassis.

    The downside is that they have a habit of blowing up their top end due to inadequate lubrication on the top end & the camchain. This usually came about if the engine wasn't warmed up correctly and maintained sufficiently. If your serious about buying it then make sure you have reciepts for services by the current owner. If you can swing it try and get the top ends looked at.

    Otherwise it's a very well handeling bike from what i've been told :)
  5. good looking low cost cruiser , why not.
  6. ah hell. definately looks like i had my wires crossed.

    *looks for a corner to hide in*