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Honda VF750 Magna?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by demuire, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Found one of these in the trading post, 1982 with 18000k's on the clock. It's a Jap import, was wondering if it would be hard to get parts for one of these? I don't think they were locally delivered and it doesn't look to be a common bike, does anyone know if it shares parts with other locally delivered bikes perhaps?

    Ta :)
  2. After speaking to the seller, I had a look on Redbook and Australia did get the VF750's, just that they weren't called the Magna...?

    Anyway, went and had a look at the bike, it looks alright. Obviously an old bike, but it looked fairly honest and neat (from what I could tell anyway). The seals on the front forks looked old'ish and a little cracked, but didn't appear to be leaking. Overall it looked like it could do with a bit of a tidy up, but as far as I could tell, it was in alright condition. Didn't blow any smoke (even when cold).

    Didn't manage to take it for a test ride as I left my helmet at a friend's place in Brisbane (I have a rally tomorrow, my gear is in the rally car...), but unless someone tells me otherwise, I might see if I can get a test ride on Sunday maybe...

    *eeeeee* exciting :)
  3. Hmm, bummer. Looking around the net more, it sounds like the early Honda V4 engines had some major reliability issues as far as cams and bottom ends go, because of an oiling problem. Maybe it isn't such a good idea on a budget to go for an older bike that could potentially have more problems...

    *scratch head*

  4. Yeah the early V4's had problems, I did a bit of research when I was looking at a vf1000, most common idea is that the oil feed to the heads is poor as it came from the unfilterred feed to the gearbox.

    caused premature wearing of the cams. most cams were replaced under warranty, and by now there wont be many unmodified oil feeds left (web has heaps of info, fairly easy to do).

    Rear two cylinders were prone to overheating, and the 16" front tyre might be an issue in the future when trying to get decent tyres.
    Biggest problem I think is the lack of spares now.

    Ask Techno.. he has an early vf1000, he luckilly found an engine cheap on the internet.

  5. Yeah I read a few of the pages about the oiling problem and a few of the solutions. All the solutions seem to be externally visible, and I don't think this bike had any "fixes" put on it... :(

    All the solutions seem to require the engine to be pulled apart a bit (to get to the main oil feed?) and drilled and tapped etc, looks not so easy? Or at least, out of the realm of my skill anyway...
  6. Dunno if you have to remove the engine, I thought it was mainly modifying the existing "banjo" bolt.. but hey, if you don't have the kit to do that, and braze/splder, bend pipe, then there's a kit available, but at around $200 US, too much capital to be sinking into an average bike (even for it's age).

    There are better examples of "classic" jap stuff around IMHO.

    I was really interested in the VF's, but wouldn't touch one pre '86 myself.

    Give tecno a PM tho, he's currently finishing off an engine swap in his 1000, at least I hope he's in the finishing stages :shock: We've got an advanced course on in a coupla weeks.

  7. Yeah the banjo bolt is just one of the things to do to improve the problem. The later model cams are different too, and a few other things... Like you said, it sort of gets a bit expensive, and I don't even know the history of this bike so for all I know the current cams are probably very stuffed already. From what I've read it appears that even with very stuffed cams the bike will still run, just not very well.

    Hmm, I might just keep looking around. Not after a VF in particular, just a cruiser or nice looking naked bike for $3K or under... I think the XV250 Virago is winning at the moment, but it's really rather uninspiring. A VF would be pretty cool :p
  8. There are 2 very different versions of the VF750.

    The early ones, and probably the one the seller has for sale, looks like this and was not called Magna...

    The more recent version is a cruiser style and is called Magna....
  9. dale: the one that is for sale is an import, and is like the 2nd one you posted, except an earlier version that looks more like a chopper.