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Honda VF1000 F2

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shadowarrior, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I need some advice again :)

    How is the '86 Honda VF 1000 F2?
    Reviews about this bike around the internet is pretty good, but I wanted some personal opinions in regard to this :|

    Also, the same question haunts me still, are parts for this bike easilly available and cheap ?
    Is there any way I can take a mechanic with me to inspect the bike? Where do I get those mechanics here ? (any approx idea how much they would charge?)

    Thanks a lot in advance :)
  2. the F2 was the best of the VF series. some would say the R, but for covering any distance the F2 was the best.

    It did come towards the end and there wasn't that many sold. They held their value for a long time, but should be as cheap as chips now.

    Any bike that old isd going to be high maintenance. Unless you are a confident home mechanic, forget about it.

    parts would be getting hard to find by now.

    Remember in a few years time you will be able to get vintage registration. That puts things into perspective.
  3. I have owned an FF and an R and they were both right pain in the A#$3 to work on, for instance 2 radiators, one behind the headlight and you cannot reach the top mounting bolt on the lower radiator.

    No room to get to anything due to that crazy V-Four layout, wait until you try and lift the rocker covers and adjust the tappets etc. :evil:
  4. +1 to those blokes, if you plan to do your own work on it, V4 engines are a bit of a bugger compared to other configs.
  5. Yes, I did hear great reviews about its touring ability... and thats what I loved.
    I was looking for a bike for daily commuting and weekend rides.

    Oh well, but I am not familiar with mechanism much, specially V4s...
    The only experience I have is a little bit with the Royal Enfields and Yezdis.

    I think then, this bike wouldve been a good buy for me if I were a good home mechanic....:|

    Have to search for another bike now which fits my budget of $2500. :(

    Do you guys think I should get a decent 250cc within that budget? And I think I should aim at bikes which were manufactured around mid 90s, they shouldnot have any problem finding parts of.
    Any particular brand I should look for ? I have no experience with these kind of bikes and manufacturers at all, so I am all very confused :|
  6. To be blunt mate, you are not going to get a bike you don't have to work on for $2500.
  7. hmmm true, I guess I should wait nd save a bit more :|
    6-7k would be I think a better budget for getting good bikes :)