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Honda Valkyrie - Buying Tips

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dawg007, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am looking at getting a Honday Valkyrie and would like to know what I should look for when getting one. Are there any common issues? Lot of the ones around have quite a few Ks on them. How much is too much?


  2. All I can say is, I envy you buddy, they look sensational, always here how comfy and how much torque they have, google USA sites for Valkyrie info, but have seen them in black, personally I like the yellow scheme but thats me, good luck with the search..
  3. Thanks mate,

    they do look nice.
    Also I am a novice rider and curently ride a Honda Magna 250 and a VStar 650. Would it take much to get used to?
  4. They are a huge understressed horizontally opposed engine so stable and solid as a rock. I would say they will run forever so don't be too concerned about kms. They are a very long wheelbase so I would guess punting it around hairpins may take some practice but on the open road they would be very comfortable.
  5. Thanks Mate
  6. Hi Dawg,

    I bought a '98 Valkyrie 3 months ago with 33,000 kms on it. My previous rides have been a Honda VF750C V4 cruiser and a Honda CX500.

    Make no mistake the Valkyrie is big heavy bike. It weighs around 320kgs so you need to treat it with care and respect otherwise you will drop it.

    Having said that, once you get used to it, you just need to be careful with your walking pace manoeuvres and moving it around your workspace.

    The bike is an absolute joy. It is happy to potter around at small throttle openings and high gears, but if you crack the throttle and get the revs in the 4500 - 6000 range you better hold on tight. It leaps forward with an incredible amount of urge.

    The motor is bulletproof. These things are under-stressed and will last for hundreds of thousands of kms without much maintenance other than oil changes.

    Comfort is great and the central position of the pegs means you can stand up on long rides if you need to move the butt around. Many people fit highway pegs, but forward controls are not very common.

    Gearbox is clunky but in a good way. You know when that gear is slammed home! Brakes are excellent.

    The weak point is the rear suspension. The factory Showa shocks go soft quickly. The USD forks are good though - big fat 46mm jobbies. The rear diff is a point of trouble if it hasn't been serviced/reassembled properly. Rear splines wear out if lube and alignment aren't right. The headstem bearings get a caning at low speed and when moving it around the shed. A lot of weight is on them and they need replacing sooner than most bikes.

    Handling is excellent for what it is. You can really push it along through the curves and it will lean more than you dare to. I know this sounds odd, but its actually quite flickable.

    Headlight kicks ass. Really lights up the road well.

    Lots of bling and accessories still available.

    Cool factor is very high. Always get loads of compliments, gawkers etc. Even Harley riders acknowledge that its a great bike.

    I'd buy one again for sure!
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  7. Thanks Mate,

    Much appreciated.

  8. I had an XVS650 for a while, luv'd the cruiser comfy feeling, fare weight increase from 220 to 300 plus and as mentioned above, walking pace is where you will feel it. Shame they dont have reverse with that weight, but seems all that 'know' the bike [above] have nothing but praise.. Good luck with the hunt and half your bloody luck :)
  9. Hi
    I would like to commend you on your choice of motorcycle I've ridden every km on my tourer since new in 1998 its a unique feeling on a Valkyrie pottering around or on a cruise or just cracking the throttle and that flat 6 will bring the smile to your face even 18 years on, with the screen off its a total different again .
    its not perfect the screen reflects all the mechanical and road noises and the seat on long trips can get teeth fuel economy can by pretty ordinary the disk rotors wear out . you will find the tyres expensive which drove me to go darkside for a rear tyre on for about 35000 km that an interesting the larger tank on the interstate would be handy mod.
    or just buy an interstate.
    regards valkyt66
  10. dont think he really cares