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Honda V4 Revealed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by haksu, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hmmm, hope it's one of those bikes that grows on you with it's looks.
  2. The VFR faithful have become so skeptical about "the next VFR" scoops and the part that MCN constantly plays in them only to find that the new model is just the old model with a new and exciting choice of colours, that we'll believe it when (and IF) we see it.

    Howmsoever, if it does turn out that Honda is actually going to release a new bike with a V4 engine, then I, for one, will hoot and holler (provided it's not loaded down with useless gimmickry like VTEC, that is)

    In fact, Honda has a golden opportunity here to kill 3 birds with the one stone. A hyperbike to replace the Blackbird, a Sports/Tourer to replace the VFR and a stripped-down semi-sports to replace the VTR.

    And, despite the obvious impossibility of doing all of that with just one bike, I can foresee a way of Honda actually pulling it off.

    It's well-known that one of the main (if not the ONLY) reasons why they have refused to overhaul the VFR is the enormous expense involved in building the V4 motor in comparison to an I4 motor. And, in these straitened economic times, it seems odd that they would suddenly announce a new, obviously expensive, engine option.

    But if they were to make a 1200cc V4 and use it as the basis of a "modular" bike, they could have their cake and eat it too. The same motor could be used with the same basic frame and running gear for a number of different bikes for different applications, in much the same was as BMW has done with the I4 1300cc series and Kawasaki has done with the 1400. They could even offer a chain drive AND a shaft drive option for different applications.

    In doing so, they could amortise the increased V4 production costs and plug the gaps in the market for which they presently do not supply viable, competitive bikes.
  3. Hmmmm well I'll be upgrading in November or there abouts and will likely be living down south closer to the mountains and need to take a pillion on long rides comfortably.... I have an RVF (V4 sports) now and would love to go on with another Honda V4 :) Will keep my eye on this - I think the existing VFR looks nicer at this point though...
  4. i heard the current Fireblade will be something of a collector's edition, and their next sportsbike will use the new V4 engine. Yamaha made a similiar choice this year to stray away from standardised I4s, and with their staggered firing sequence released an R1 with LESS power than last year's. BUT, it sounds great. perhaps Honda/yamaha are responding to people lusting for a bike that has that V-configured harley/ducati RUMBLE.

    also, even Harley are rumoured to be going to V4s in a couple years.

    but we hear lots of things. and until whatever engine it has is warmed up and i'm throwing a leg over it, it's just another concept hype bike
  5. I for one think it looks absolutely horn. Nice shape, and non-homo sportsbike looking.
  6. It's a bit of a yawner IMO. I'll be excited when they have the follow up to the RC45, or maybe even the NC35 (fat chance).
  7. Very well thought out. This is also very similar to what BMW are doing with the R1300 range. A naked streetfighter, and balls to the wall hyperbike, and cross country tourer, all based on the same engine with different chassis components.
  8. Kinda like Hyosung.
  9. Triumph, too, and most car manufacturers. It makes good sense, particularly if there's a real gem of a well-designed engine.
  10. Is that a post evacuation ugh or a gravy stroke ugh?
  11. That's "ugh" as in "ugh, Honda took a very exciting engine concept and made a f*cking fugly beemer out of it."
  12. The looks are growing on me, but I'm more excited about the engine. Shaft drive...never ridden one so no idea about that...

    That exhaust looks nicely menacing. Should sound awesome off the factory floor.

    Looking forward to the Tokyo motor show and more info...
  13. At this stage I'd have to line up with the "fugly" camp, I'm afraid. Although the plastic is probably nothing like what the bike will eventually look like, the exhaust looks production-ready and nearly as disgusting as those things on the Z1000 Kawa.

    Don't like the abbreviated tailpiece and don't like the fact that it's going to have DCM.

    Include me out on present indications.
  14. Sports-tourer eh?

    wonder how much heavier than the lard ass vfr800 it is supposedly replacing? :)
  15. Trust me, mate, that's no sports/tourer. And, unless that's Dani Pedrosa riding it, it looks about as big as the BMW 1300.
  16. yawn. typical honda
  17. Any other pictures??

    What are those bits of plastic in front of the levers :?

    Wait to see what it weighs, and have seen too many concepts of this to get too excited.....