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Honda V25 / VT250 ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by munki, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all, this is my first post!

    I've just got my RE class learners permit and im looking for a 250cc bike. I've read the thread on cruisers and i see that the V25 is highly recommended. However could someone please explain the difference between the V25 and the VT250C - is it just the name or are there any mechanical differences? Its just i've spotted a blue 2000 V25 model with 8500ks on it for sale just up the road and i wanted to check first before viewing it.

    And before anyone asks, yes i know there are faster bikes out there but i hate the nut crushing seating position on sport bikes and i find cruisers so much comfier and better looking IMO. All i want is a nice easy ride that'll keep up with the traffic and have a little bit of poke over and above for overtaking, thats all!

  2. I'm guessing the v25 is to vt250c as mc22 is to cbr250rr.

    V25 is the model number, and VT250c would be the name of it.
  3. John - yes it's the same bike, I owned one briefly, the silver one. It got me more attention than any bike I've ridden before or since, and I think they look the mutt's nuts.

    Having said that, I think they're a shit bike to own, they handle like crap and do little for enjoyment or confidence. They're nice and reliable and all, but I'd consider them more arse jewellery than a serious motorcycle.

    I would strongly recommend you go for the same engine in the less pretty but much much more functional VTR250, which ain't an uncomfortable racer but is the absolute bees knees around town and pretty much the ultimate learner bike IMO (and I've ridden dozens of different learner bikes).

    I've been playing with Rosie's VTR for the last few days and remembering what a brilliant little round-town hooligan these things are, they just inspire such confidence and trust, and they'll do almost anything.

    Sorry, I know you didn't want to hear it but I've been where you are, I bought a V25 because I couldn't imagine owning anything else and I was in love with the looks, but the cruiser handling is just awful in comparison to a naked bike, so be well aware.
  4. Hi Loz, yeah i hear what you're saying and i certainly appreciate your opinions mate. But for me its the same as cars - i don't own a Camaro because it drives nice, i own one because every time i look at it i want to shag it! Its not a show-off thing, I just love owning beautiful vehicles and that bike really is an absolute stunner. If it drives worse than a VTR i'd just see it as a minor inconvenience. For something thats just going to be a weekend cruiser with a few mates you have to admit there are worse bikes to learn on hey!

    And thanks for the info by the way :)

  5. Not really, 250 cruisers in my opinion would be the worst style of bike to learn on. The riding style between a cruiser and a more conventional bike is huge, its not minor. 250 cruisers are pretty much the slowest of the slow. Do your friends have cruisers too?