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honda v-twin 250 maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. i recently acquired a 1994 Honda Magna V-twin 250 to learn to ride on but it hasnt been used in over a year. it starts and runs ok after i charged the battery but it needs oil badly and the chain looks really clogged up. so i was wondering what kind of oil it takes and if i could get it from my local mobil servo, and also what to do to the chain to clean it and and anything else it might need after not being started for 12 months.

    thanks heaps for any advice.
  2. Check your manual for the oil type and do a complete change. You may want to inspect and change/flush other fluids at the same time since things like brake fluid should be changed at least every two years (I'd do it sooner than that though)

    A bit of kero, a toothbrush or two and a rag will work wonders for cleaning your chain, during which you can inspect it for any oddities such as kinks or patches of rust.

    I'm not familiar with your bike, but if it's carbueretted, you may need to disassemble and clean it if it was not drained before storage. A cup of metho thrown in with your next fill up may help clean it out, or there are commercial products that you can use (but I've never tried them)

    Not using a motorbike for extended periods of time can cause more wear than regular use, so treat the bike as if it's been abused over time - be vigilant and do a pre-ride inspection every time you go to ride.

    The joy of restoring a bike though, is that every time you find something wrong and you fix it, the bike just keeps getting better. Sounds like a fun project :]
  3. Hey thanks for the reply.

    I dont have the manual for it. would it be the same as a car to change the oil? is there a filter somewhere and a plug underneath to drain it? sorry i have no idea what im doing with bikes. and what sort of things should i inspect before i ride? brakes maybe? lol i cant think of anything else.

    the other thing is this bike isnt mine and isnt going to be ridden on the road, just around our property (which is a shame) so i dont want to spend much on it (im trying to save for my own) so ill only be doing basic restoration for now.
  4. Without further information, something like a 15w40 to 20w50 would do fine. Car oil is also fine- Mobil oils will do it well.
  5. ok cool, i went up there today and could only find 2 stroke oil and wasnt sure if 4 stroke would do. thanks for the help!
  6. No, car oils tend to have friction modifiers in them which cause clutch slippage in bikes. Go to a bike shop and get some bike oil. Mineral 15w-40 should be fine. :)

    The bike is 4s troke. Use 4 stroke oil, you're local bike shop will have it. :)
  7. you are correct that friction modifiers can not be used, however australian oils no longer contain friction modifiers, since they caused so many issues way back when
  8. if its been sitting that long i wouldn't be starting it, drop the oil and preferably the coolant too and replace the filters

    i use 10-40w oil in my vtr250, similar motor i'm sure, works fine!
  9. i got some 15w 40 oil for it and it seems to like it, i checked the coolant and brake fluid but didnt replace them. now i cant wait to get my license! im doing the pre-learner course on the 13th and 14th of next month :)

    thanks for the help guys