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Honda V Harley, showdown.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. This is the new Honda fury, HD might lose this war,
    Honda reliability, road handling, appearance, 1300 VTX motor. Modern construction with all the excellent Honda bits thrown in.

    Only two things it is missing, higher bars, 8 inches would have been nice on it,
    And it only does 160 klms tops, so its a bit sluggish.

    So what do you all think,
  2. I dont think the HD target market would be at all effected by such a bike, people dont buy harleys because they are quality, they buy it entirely because of the brand.

    Looks ok though.
  3. I doubt Honda will steal a single Harley customer, but I doubt that was Hondas objective.
    I do suspect Honda will sell a lot of them, because there seems to be an increasing number of new riders, many of them driven by price considerations (price of petrol for example).
    Someone wanting this look on a budget isn't going to modify a stock HD. But buy this Honda? I think so.
  4. released in OZ Dec 2009. Under $22,000-00 ride away, Compared to the price of a Harley.
  5. Looks okay, disappointed by the lack of extras though.
  6. Its missing a big shiny HD badge. Also, there isnt enough chrome.

    Would they care about stealing the HD market anyway, dont they already hold a sizable stake?
  7. I think its a good bike if you're looking for a sportier looking cruiser type for Jap prices and reliability, an alternative for the VN900 custom.
  8. I think if it's $22000 that one might as well buy the real thing... it'd sell ok at perhaps $18000.

    Nice styling (shame about the resale value).
  9. Honda have a big list of bolt on accessories for it, All made by Honda, They as usuall have done their home work on this one,
    I really dont think they care about HD, they will sell these as people have wanted choppers for years, The only company that made any thing like it was Triumph back in the 70's.
    But it was only a half hearted attempt at a chopper, I think it was called the Hurricane.
    And the law makes it too hard to build your own,

  10. It hasnt been released here yet, and your talking about resale,
    Its been released in the states and is selling well.
    one bike mag over there has done a video write up on it, and they couldnt fault it, only problem they found with it, clip on side covers, if you didnt put them back on properly they could fall off when riding,
  11. It wont sell well here.
  12. Large and expensive japanese cruisers have always had (and still have) a larger depreciation percentage and hence poorer resale (the small and mid-range ones do better).

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this one will almost certainly suffer from the same issue (in Australia at least which is where we are talking about).

    That doesn't reflect on the bike as such (which looks good), but it IS an issue for potential buyers.
  13. Well this is about the 4th or 5th fury thread on netrider, so I guess it's got peoples attention.
  14. [​IMG]
    There was one on display at the Honda stand at the Moto GP as my pic above shows! Looked pretty impressive and had plenty of 'lookers', I presume based on that it will be available here. Harley don't really have anything too close from the factory, maybe the Dyna Street Bob or Dyna Wide Glide though you could probably add 10K to the Honda price and then some for some custom bits to make it yours!

    A lot of the specialist 'Chopper' builders seem to be doing okay in the market and you are probably looking at 50K + for one of those! The market will not be huge but I think there will be a market for them and I expect they will sell okay. Wheels should have been spoked or if mags then full polished (owner can always polish them!) but apart from that they look good. Be interesting to see the accessories catalogue. It would appear Honda are serious about muscling into the Harley market and as I have said in the Buell thread Harley stylists seem to have lost the bloody plot lately! The other Jap makes will not be far behind! Harley need to wake up real soon!
  15. If they were serious about taking the Hardley market they would be building a basic bike and building variations on that. It would sit in the 1100-1400cc range and it would be chain driven or belt driven (to allow for customisation).

    None of the Japs get that.

    Instead this bike is a very heavy sleeved down 1800 that has a limited market.

    The Japanese have built a few bikes over the years that look like they are starting to get it, but they always turn in the wrong direction.

    I like the look and the spunk of the Fury, but it's not a threat to Hardley. None of the current Japanese are individually. Collectively maybe they are making an impact.
  16. I dunno mate, last time I looked there was two flyscreens, a pipe and one or two other bits. Pretty weak compared to Harley, or even Yamaha with their myriad of Vstar parts.

    You're starting to sound like a Honda fanboy?

    I think it'll sell as well as the DN-01.
  17. I'd rather have a Harley
  18. I rode a 650 Bonnie for 17 years, every 10,000 miles. new top end, Yes, I was pissed off at those stinking Jap crap Honda fours, 80,000 miles before you put a spanner near them.
    My Honda Blackbird, world wide is getting 150,000 to 200,000 KLMS before needing a spanner near them, and thats only a maybe,
    Yes I am a fan of Honda, Longevity, reliability, road handling, and it goes better than shit off a shovel, They dont call it the whispering Death for no reason,
    And if that Fury actually got up went, I would definately have one, But it only does 160 KPH, which is pretty poor for a 1300 motor. and you can stick your HD's, their still making the same crap they did fifty years ago, Back then they came with a ute thrown in, to make sure you got it home. we were for ever sitting on the side of the road fixing them,
    Most of us rode English or Italian bikes. And that included all the OMG's as well.
  19. based on looks alone i'd take a harely.
    Those wheels are awfull
  20. hmmm not sure on this one, I do like the reliability etc of a Honda but as this will be a weekend sunny day type of bike it is not as much of a concern as looks and sound.

    The Honda will be popular with some people, much in the way that some people still buy V8s but more and more people are into ricers.

    I would buy a mid range jap or brit cruiser but as you move up I think HD may have the heart pull to tip me over.

    Just not sure on this, does look pretty cool though. But then again how are Victory going in Australia? :-k