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Honda unveils the worlds 1st airbag equipped motorcycle

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sydneybiker, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. TOKYO, Sept 8 - Honda Motor Co. unveiled on
    Thursday the world's first airbag system to be mounted on a
    production model motorcycle, with plans to offer it on the new
    Gold Wing touring bike to hit U.S. showrooms next spring.
    The airbag module is built in between the bike's handles and
    activates when four crash sensors detect a severe frontal
    collision, creating a buffer as the rider is flung forward on
    Honda, Japan's third-biggest car maker and the world's top
    motorcycle supplier, said the airbag would be effective in
    significantly reducing fatalities and serious injuries, citing
    data which shows that most occur during frontal collisions.
    Honda will eventually offer the airbag option in Europe and
    Japan, Operating Officer Suguru Kanazawa told a news conference.
    The company declined to say how much the add-on would cost.
    The 1800cc Gold Wing is Honda's biggest motorcycle and starts
    at $18,600 in the United States. It sold 12,000 units in North
    America last year, 1,600 in Europe and 270 in Japan.
    Officials said Honda aimed to offer the airbag on more
    motorcycles in future, but acknowledged a number of hurdles.
    Because the airbag works by absorbing kinetic energy from the
    forward-flying rider, the motorcycle itself needs to be heavy
    enough not to tip over, throwing the driver over and past the
    deployed airbag.
    The airbag also needs enough space to blow up safely in front
    of the rider, meaning the system can't be mounted on a sporty
    bike where the driver leans forward into the handle.
    Still, Chief Engineer Satoshi Iijima said having the airbag
    could mean the difference between life and death. While the
    system works best in a straight-angle frontal collision at up to
    50 km (31 miles) an hour, the airbag can slow down the rider
    being thrown off at twice the speed, causing only a minor injury
    in an accident that would otherwise result in certain death.
    Honda is at the forefront of vehicle safety technology,
    offering Japan's first airbag in 1987 on the Legend high-end
    sedan. It began research and development on motorcycle airbags in
    As part of its safety drive, Honda has also developed
    technology to warn motorcyclists of oncoming cars that are hidden
    from the rider's view, and headlight designs that help others on
    the road better gauge the distance from the motorcycle.
    Those technologies are not yet available on production


    interesting huh? i've come off but never gone forward.....more like right over the top.....
  2. Ho hum....

    Sounds like a load of hot air to me...safety nazis win again.
  3. Having something explode into you may not be the best thing when falling off of a bike. Can't wait for the testing videos to be released.
  4. Geez I'm not going to diss them...

    What are our options now in crash...
    a) get dragged along the road...
    b) slide into a gutter
    c) something else painful

    hmmm.... at least someone is looking for an alternative.
  5. Being reasonably incompetent I have had a few 'oopsies' over the years and generally feel I did better by parting company with the bike. I can only speak for myself, but most of mine have been single vehicle 'overcooking it' type of things. I wouldn't want an airbag pinning me into the bike if I dropped it in a corner, I would want to leave the bugger behind.
  6. I really don't understand how this would work short of an enormous cushion inflating BEFORE you actually hit something or drop it ala an inflatable life raft.

    Maybe they've just bolted a quick deploying jumping castle under the belly.
  7. I reckon it'd make more sense for the airbag to deploy outwards... you know to protect the fairings :D
  8. And protect innocent bystanders from being pinned under a runaway elephant....

    Having said that, I remember riding an original Gold Wing in 1975. Gee they had a beaut engine. Would love to have an original one now.
  9. what a wank

    Honda airbag confirmed

    Following on from last week's story, we can confirm Honda has announced that its mid-2006 release Goldwing will have an optional airbag – the first to be fitted to a production motorcycle.

    Airbags on bikes are not a new idea. British transport researchers have been toying with the idea for many years and there is a commercially available motorcycle jacket with built-in airbags.

    According to Honda, the system is comprised of the airbag module, which includes the airbag and the inflator; crash sensors, which monitor acceleration changes; and an ECU, which performs calculations to instantly determine when a collision is occurring.

    When a severe frontal collision occurs, the four crash sensors mounted on the front fork measure the change in acceleration caused by the impact and convey this data to the airbag ECU, which determines that a collision is occurring and whether or not it is necessary to inflate the airbag. If the calculations performed by the ECU indicate that airbag deployment is necessary, the ECU sends an electronic signal to the airbag inflator, which instantaneously responds by inflating the airbag.

    Frome bikepoint.

    Talk about tits on a bull.

    Now some beurocrat will make them compulserary.

    Thanks a ken lot Honda
  10. I agree, ibast you're having a wank.

    Try not to make too much mess.

    If Honda want to fit an optional airbag to their two wheeled car, let them. Your 'scare' about them becoming compulsory is at best a fairly pathetic troll.

    oh, and welcome to the week before last.

  11. Man i'd hate to see what would happen to the rider if he was leaning/tucking down when the thing went off and was still inflating. I can see a rider being jetisoned off the back of the bike, lol.
  12. From
    A Literature Review on Motorcycle Collisions
    Final Report
    B. Huang and J. Preston
    Transport Studies Unit
    Oxford University
    April 2004

    The question is...

    what were the benefits, what were the harmful effects - and did the benefits outweigh the harmful effects?
  13. I thought the same when they were introduced in cars but have, although not personally (touch wood), seen them save lives and serious injury.

    It needs to be looked at seriously, just like car air bags have killed people but in most cases being hit by an air bag would be the least of a riders problems in a collision.

    Just remember one thing, under current OH&S policies and duty of care if someone invented the motorcycle in this day and age they would never be allowed on a public road.
  14. I still reckon the airbag jacket is a much better idea.

    Especially if you come off on a cliff and fall down a 70m cliff into the ocean. :shock:
  15. I guess a tankbag on a Goldwing is now out of the question.
  16. I'm a firefighter and I personally think that seat belts and SRS are the bees knees when used together. Any SRS deployment without the occupant being positioned properly (via seatbelt) can be dangerous.
    Anyone seen the vid of the F/fighter being shot out of the car? Not a good look.

    I've seen the results from the jacket type airbag and they really don't seem too bad at all. I don't know how a bag just on the bike would work but I really doubt they would be compulsory just too many tech issues.

    Just another gimmick for the "Block of Flats"
  17. There's probably be alot more than just motorcycles that wouldn't be allowed in society if they were invented today. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't allow football, considering you get knee injuries, leg breaks, etc... (I know that's kind of taking it to the extreme). :)

    In regards to the airbag, that will only be handy if you T-Bone something; ie: a car doing a u-turn in front of you, for example. But I suppose if it stops the rider flying over the car, it could be a useful device. Not sure how something like the air bag would go on a sports bike though.
  18. Au contraire, they're already there, just filled with air and tucked in :) Seriously I can't see that you would need a tank bag on a Wing, they're a tank in themselves with more luggage space than most urban cars.
  19. not to mention cost issues
  20. As a side note the first bike with an airbag was actually one designed in 1977 by the National Highway Transport Safety Authority (NHTSA) in the US. Supposedly a design into making bikes "safer" it was fitted with an airbag, seatbelts and rear wheel steering :shock: . Of course basically it was a $250,000 flop which even experienced riders found unrideable. Haven't been able to find any pictures of it though.