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Honda Tricolour

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hawkeye, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. What is it about the 2009 CBR600RR Tricolour that buyers don't like...there are 3 dealers in Melbourne who are selling this bike for $12,990 ride away so there must be something wrong with having a tricolour bike or buyers would have snapped them up!

    What's your opinions guys?


  2. looks very 80's to me
  3. Indeed it does but some people like it that way. My cb is the same colour scheme and I probably receive 70% compliments from the older 40+ crowd and 30% from the rest.
  4. I don't mind it, but I think the reason why people don't is that the colour scheme doesn't do the fairing itself any favours. Generally you'll see colours/stripes/graphics etc over the contours of a fairing to accentuate its form and make a striking impression on the viewer.

    This one doesn't have that, rather its whole under/side fairings are matt black and give the impression of a bland, homologous form. Although I don't mind it, I can see why some people would dislike it for this reason.

    Cheers - boingk
  5. Like motolegion says, tricolour paint jobs are seriously '80s. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it might put non-nostalgia buyers offside :D.

    '80s Triclour jobs tended to be red, white and blue, because the Jap manufacturers worked out that it matched the national flags of about 95% of their major markets :LOL:.
  6. So that's $13K for a 600 supersport that is effectively 2 years old? Doesn't seem like a bargain to me. This category is very much latest and greatest. Devaluation here is worse than any other.

    BTW I don't mind the colour.
  7. The redbook private price for a used one is $11,000 to $13,100 and that would be with mileage on it and you wouldn't get 12 months rego and might get some warranty, so maybe the price of this one, if you like the colour, isn't that bad.

    There are some guys selling 2008 bikes for $12,000 and just below that so they aren't checking out the ads too often!

    Over priced if you ask me!
  8. Firstly redbook doesn't mean much, and secondly they are advertising for that, rather than selling for that.

    Basically, when reviewing bikesales or similar, then only the best value or maybe second best value bike sell in any given week. Even then the price it sell at is less than advertised.

    $13k might be fair now, and it would have been good value 8 months ago. Now it's just fair, given that 2011 is only days away and 2011 bikes were released months ago.
  9. So when I am looking to buy a bike, where can I get an idea of what is a good price if redbook doesn't mean that much?
  10. bikesales, bikepoint, ebay, tradingpost. And remember that the dear one just don't sell.

    I say redbook isn't reasonable for a few reasons. With bikes the numbers sold isn't enough to form solid data. Also people claim vehicle sell for less than what they actually did when transferring rego.

    In the above case I think it would be an assumed value based on assume devaluation because very few 2009 models would have been sold. or it could be just based on 2 or 3 bikes. Even then the data would be for 6 months ago and that time is important in this case.
  11. Another place I have looked for values was Insure My Ride.
    When you get an online quote for the Market Value it gives a value that they will insure it for so I reckoned that was a reasonable way to judge the worth of a bike.
  12. Are yousure it's 12months rego. A nice trick of dealers is to slip 6 months on them.
    I have a tri colour VFR. Gay bike, gay colour lol
    And before you gay nuts go off...... I love it...the VFR. The big easy. I called it Nick. But my kids named it wonda. Soo it has to be gay
  13. where's the blue?! tri-colour rocks, but needs the blue imo.
  14. Believe it or not, the blue is only the front mudguard...which actually looks black unless you see it in reality!
  15. Launceston Honda have a tri-colour VFR and I love it. Im down there every couple of weeks and im always tempted to buy it and ride it bake to Melbourne.
    I love the tri colour CB400 too.
    But I dont like thie CBR600RR one though, just looks like something is missing.
  16. I reckon Honda realised that the colours were wrong due to lack of sales and changed them for the 2010 tricolour model which is miles better although I never saw any for sale or on the road!

  17. It reminds me of an early R6 being red and white.
  18. Nothing wrong with Tricolour!

    (As long as it's Red, Green & White, with a Ducati badge ;))


    The Honda's ok...
  19. Like the Duke...always suits a tricolour.

    Here is the 2011 Tricolour which is similar to the 2010 but without as much red.
    I prefer the 2010 one as this one is more of a bi-colour and needs more red!