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Honda Superb Sports Motor Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattb, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Have you seen this ad on Ebay? It's a postie spray-painted black, with the red paint showing through here and there, and it's listed as a "Honda Superb Sports Motor Bike". It has "Superb" painted where the "Honda" was.

    I thought it was humour on the seller's part, but then I read in the questions section:

    Q: Hi. I am not familar with the Honda Superb, was it a special model CT110 postie bike put out by honda? Could you please tell me what year this bike was built[...]

    A: The 110 Honda Superb was built by Honda. I don't think it was ever used as a Postie Bike. It looks similar, but it is black. I think it would perform similarly, but it’s a Superb. I’m not sure of year of manufacture, but I will look tonight. I think it was probably manufactured about mid 90’s. This is the opinion of a guy that deals in Postie Bikes[...]

    I love it: "it looks similar, but it is black"...with special red paint showing through.


  2. :LOL:

    Bargain! Always look better in black. :)
  3. I've got one. It can be a superb if you want... it has a dual ratio box too! Bargain! Oh, and it has it's own jerry tank that straps to the side! AWESOME!
    I'll sell it to you for $50 (plus postage and handling)