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Honda Super Blackbird 1100XX

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by deadman, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Well after sitting on my bum for eight months, licence suspension,

    And the constant count down from That annoying person on her Hyosung 250 cruiser. You only have 3 months, two weeks and 2 and a half days to go,

    ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH Shut up woman, I dont want to know about it,

    Today I can get on my bike and go for a ride,

    Its just like getting on a brand new bike to me,

    I cant believe it has finally come, The day I can ride again,

    Whoo Whooo. The heart is pumping, Yeeeeaaahhhh.
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  2. well good luck out there and dont let them force you into another riding holiday
  3. It's a beautiful day up here for a ride - I'll put the kettle on for ya...
  4. i know how it feels. license suspensions are the pits. Must be quite easy to slip a long way onto the wrong side of the speed limit on a super blackbird.
  5. Ride until your arse goes numb and ride back and may you enjoy every minute of it... lucky bastard. ;)
  6. I can be jailed, Licence gone forever and my bike confiscated, And still be in first gear,

    We just wont mention what could happen if I wound it out in second, Hahahahahaha
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  7. Man That feels soooooooooo goooooooood.

    Even under the speed limit, What a way to feel alive, The heart is pumping, WOW, I feeeeel ssssssooooooo Gooood,

    Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh, How did I go eight months with out it,
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  8. Mate, be good or be bad. Nothing in between. And if you're going to be bad, be careful and cunning and crafty first. As a habit and a rule, ride like a toothless 90 yo grandmother. And when you're ready, ride like Kaiser Stozer himself. The one that'll get you, is the in-between stuff, because you get used to it.
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  9. clarkson said it well reviewing a supercharged monaro for topgear:
    "first gear will see you arrested, the other 5 just determine how pissed off the police are going to be"

    i couldn't do it. bugger not being on the road at all, i'd go loopy

    'grats on getting back out there
  10. congrats on getting back on the road again, sounds like being 'under the limit' will keep you happy!! err for a day or so!! do you trak days? might help you keep the license longer.. just a though, stay safe!!
  11. Glad to hear you got your riding privledges back.

    Now for some big touring rides.

    We'll see you on the road, Scag! :p
  12. Thinking Tassie after I get back from Fiji, Late November.

    What ever happened to the 20,000 netriders run. ?????????
  13. oh, ye. is it still happening. I want in
  14. Welcome back Deadman. great day to return too the day was perfect. :)
  15. I know you're not going to want to hear this, but it doesn't feel like 8 months to me, time passes quickly when you're not the one suffering :LOL:

    welcome back to the road (y)
  16. Well done Deadman, good to have you back on the road.
  17. Congrats for being back on the road! We all know what it feels like, being out there and feeling that power beneath you. Don't lose it again in a hurry! :)