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Honda starting to unveil 2007 bikes....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. in the UK and in the USA.


    only 4 models so far, but looking nice!

    and at http://powersports.honda.com some models have a "2007" tag next to them so you can see the 2007 specs.

    can't wait to see what's available here in Aus (and will there be a Hornet?)

  2. whoooo!!!
    Honda's got some nice designs coming.
  3. Still no show of the rumoured VTR1200.
    Maybe it was just a piped dream.
  4. the 600RR and 1000RR is fugly!
    although good to see they finally powder coated the swingarm.

    Honda still got a bit of work to do - ie fire the person who designs it.
  5. Hugely improved on the last models, looks extra good in the blue.

    It's nice to see they are finally fairing the side panels into the tank again (like they used to) instead of having that really untidy gap :grin:
  6. x2 they look terrible

    the 04/05's look heaps better.
  7. I wouldn't say they look that bad.
    There ae a few things that make me scratch my head, but over all they havn't moved teh design much at all.
  8. Which was my thought. I find it hard to get excited over most Hondas.
  9. Urgh :shock: ...must admit I do not like the '07 600RR or the new livery for the 1000RR.
    I'm quite happy with my '05 spec thanks... :p


  10. The 600 looks like it's trying to come to terms with the way the R6 has shifted the design goalposts.

    The 1000RR is just a bad paint job on the 06 model.
  11. I'll give you the paint job comment on the 1000 but I quite like the designs. Although as usual I think that the headlights have let them down. They need to ditch the style they've had over the years and come up with something sharpe and fresh.
  12. personally, I'm hanging out to see their 2007 naked bikes.
  13. My dream bike would be a Suzuki SV650 slotted inside an Aprilia RS250 chassis - with maybe the pipes through the tail...
  14. Weren't there rumors (or bad photoshops) of a VTR1000F motor in a supermotard type chassis?

    I can't remember were I saw this.

    A great bike well over due for an update.
  15. Why is it when looking at the CBR600RR I'm thinking R1??
  16. Spot on Loz, its just an 06 with a real bad paint job. I was talking to a few people today and if I ever get another blade I reckon it could end up like the one Wayne Gardner will be riding to the gp just with flames on the back so its not exactly the same. $2800 for a paint job like that is pretty good, and its worth it cause Honda keep releasing them in crap colours :wink:
  17. That is what the yanks call the VFR 800. The Firestorm has a different name over there as well I think they call it a Superhawk :wink: