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Honda ST1300 Comments please?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Daggles69, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. 6 foot, 95kgs and ridden motorcross years ago.
    Currently riding a SL230, too small no HP.

    20klm commute to work in rain hail or snow at any time day or night.

    I wanted NT700V, however these are out of production.

    The ST1300 looks big, however I sat on one today, and once your on it, it feels great. I didn't get to ride it. So can I have some reports on reliability/service costs.

    I can't afford a new one, I expect $14,000 is about my budget.
  2. A good bike, though probably not exactly one of the best commuters out there, but it could be done.

    A Triumph Tiger 1050 would be a good prospect, as would a 650 V-Strom. In fact the ride-away price of the new Tiger 800 is looking to be not much more than your budget, with the V-Strom cheaper still.
  3. I thought that the st1300 was getting dropped for the new vfr touring model. You are not having luck. Though you are wanting second hand so I guess it doesn't matter.

    What are you actually looking to do on the bike as the nt and the st have nothing in common except the brand?

    The st will be a great bike for reliability as it is Honda and one of the better models, under stressed motor and not cheap.
  4. I took a ST1300 for a test ride. I found it awesome on the road, however it requires caution during slow turning etc, it is far heaver than I am used to.
  5. An excellent bike. I had an ST1300 on loan early last year and it was a great touring and weekend bike. Heavy in traffic at first but easy to ride and you adjust. Fuel consumption and weather protection was extremely good and if you want something to ride rain, hail or shine it would be a good choice.

    I had it on loan from Honda for a friend of mine who was down from PNG. He's a confirmed Harley rider (not in PNG though) and he also thought it was excellent.
  6. Do VicPol have the STs down there?

    QPS are just venturing into them up here to go with the FJRs and BMWs as a rider preferred option.

    $14k would certainly buy a relatively new ex-police one up this way, maybe have 45-60k on it, but would be mostly highway km and well serviced etc.

  7. Well back when i lived in the uk I had one(aka pan european in europe)was great for commuting 80 miles each way rain shine and snow was a bit top heavy but otherwise was great for commuting
  8. I own one.
    I'm about 5-9 tall 80kg. And I love it. Heavy, sure, but once on the road, man this thing can do everything...and then some. Because of the weight it's a little awkward slow turning etc, but it has excellent balance.

    I've dropped it twice while move it, 1st time parking at a mates place, the second was moving it around the shed...

    The first time, it took the help of three guys to lift it. I then saw this clip:

    The second time I had it up in under a minute. Very easy....
  9. Thanks Marcus, now I know how to pick up my bike like a girl.

  10. They would make an awesome Streetfighter.
  11. Thanks Folks. I am sure I would have gotten used to the weight over time and I did like it on the road, however I purchased a NT700. The NT700 is keeping it simple for me and I don't have to stress when parking in a big line of bikes that are parked side by side.
  12. Congratulations on your new ride.