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Honda ST1100A

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sneaker1955, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. I have been off bikes for about 14 years the last three were, Ducati 900ss, Suzuki GS1100
    and a Harley Lowrider. I want to start again SWMBO has demanded I get another bike (God
    love Her) and I am looking at an ex-Police ST1100A, Full service history, but no ABS
    etc, and immaculate, dual seat top box etc etc.

    I am more into touring, nothing white knuckle, and two up for trips at the weekend etc.

    Everything I read says they are good bikes, bugger all problems mechanically, and go
    forever. and I want to know what current owners say about these bikes in general, and
    specifically an ex-police one with 52500 kms, before I pay the dollars.
  2. My uncle had one for many years. Loved it so much he just upgraded to the ST1300.

  3. Excellent choice. A mate in Canberra has one and they can really hustle if you need them to.
  4. Good bikes - as is ST1300

    FJR and GTR1000 also alternatives - and if budget could stretch to a used GTR1400, be my choice

    And guessing you're taking pillion on test ride to ensure she's happy =D>
  5. With all the crap the cops have to carry, its no wonder they get a weave up,
    They probably have a car battery in one of the pannier bags to run all their electrics, Which would make it lean to one side, Over 200 K's, Death wobble would be guaranteed,

    Try the Blackbird, 1100XX and a good two up tourer, power is smooth all the way through. handles long distance with out effort, and none of the baddies the ST has.
  6. It's a Honda, so I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

    However, if you do buy it, make sure you get a white helmet and a black jacket (or pale blue for summer) and enjoy the way the traffic parts in front of you :grin:.
  7. That's ST1300 though - as far as I know no such problems were ever reported for ST1100 which is what the OP is buying.
  8. In Maccas at Singleton I met a couple who were on their way home to Perth, having been to Brisbane for their son's wedding, riding an ST :shock:
  9. That's the thing, the ST doesn't HAVE any baddies. The only ones that caused a problem were the police ones in GB which were, as you noted, loaded down with totally unbalanced radios, etc, etc.

    It always amazes me how people start a thread asking about a particular bike because that's the one they really want to buy, but half of the posts in the thread consist of people telling them to buy something else.


    Buy the ST, they rock.
  10. If you actually took the time to read the posted link, you would have noted that 43% of owners surveyed suffered the same weave that took out the coppers.
  11. reproducing the instability at a speed of 110 miles per hour (180 km/h)

  12. That's not what it says... It says that the magazine reproduced it at 110mph, it doesn't say at what speed the other 43% of owners experienced it...

    To be honest 110mph isn't a particularly enormous speed...
  13. And the other 57% of owners had never got up to 110 mph. ;)
  14. Who says they have "totally unbalanced radios, etc, etc." from what I've read balance wasn't the issue, the fact they had to change the suspension to cope with the extra load was...
  15. Thanks for all the replies I guess to paraphrase all responses its a great bike just stay under 110 miles per hour.

    The back of my helmet could not stand the thumping if I reached 160k's so I should be safe. However I understand from my research that tyres are critical to the ST otherwise they can weave, so keep good rubber on the rims.

    Guess I will buy it.

    Thanks again
  16. I rode an ST1100 when I was living in Perth. One night riding from Perth to Rockingham, the speedo never went under 200, which it handled with absolute ease. No such thing as a speed wobble or weave.
    However, the old XJ750 I had used to weave all the time; I knew this wasn't normal because it was my second XJ. It had on a set of Pirelli's, remember the old S pattern ones, and they were useless; they wouldn't allow me to push over 140. I eventually threw them off, went back to my old Metzelers, and never had another problem.
    Years later, I own the ST1300 now, and although I never push her through the white knuckle barrier anymore, too old, but she handles perfectly. Have never had a problem with her. Yesterday, I went for a ride through the Black Spur, through Marysville and Reefton through to Warburton, very tight and winding roads, handled like a dream... Sure the Dukes and a very nice looking yellow BM passed me along the way, but she handles anything like that with ease... The 1100 was just as good imo..
    Still using Metzelers, and probably the best tyre for this bike, I don't feel safe on anything else....

  17. My friend with the ST uses Metzelers as well; he reckons they're the best for the bike.
  18. If the ST wobbles, loaded or not, then there’s something wrong with it.. full stop.... its a touring bike and should handle with the extra weight etc no matter how you throw things in the panniers.... we had a goldwing last year and toured up to Darwin on it towing a trailer and never once thought about how i packed things in the panniers of the bike... it would go like a shower of sheit too... 180kph is just a short squeeze of the throttle... the only wobble issue i had was on the first day of our Darwin trip and that was with the trailer... i had to pack more weight to the front...

    The only bike i have ever ridded that got a high speed wobble was me old CB750.... at 180kph she’d start to wobble and then got worse when you backed off for 50 to 100 meters... bastard of a thing... but she was a beautiful bike... black with gold wheels and strips down the tank.. red, orange and cream i think they were... but looking back though all of my albums i can’t find her... i must not have taken a picture of her or they were all lost... :(
  19. My $0.02 .Forget the old blokes ST and find yourself a Yammie FJR 13 , no wobbles no weaves and no issues . They would be about the same dollar as an ST but more smiles per gallon than an ST.