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Honda spada

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  1. I've always liked the looks of the Spada's.
  2. I have become quite fond of it also but that color combo just does not do it for me. Looking at repainting as part of the repairs i am doing. Current color choice is the metallic blue from the vtr250. The pays bike i picked up has dark wheels so that is a plus. Might also paint the fork lowers the same color.
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  3. Hi Matt.
    I've recently picked up a honda spada 88' model.
    It was a yellow/ gold/ mustardy colour which didn't suit my taste.
    I've used vinyl wrap on tank, front mudguard and under seat fairing. I chose black carbon fiber look.
    I've also started polishing the frame, to get rid of the grey colour. It's polished to a shiny aluminium finish.

    This will be a keeper and Ill put it on club rego when the normal rego expires.

    I love these bikes. Ill post some pics with the above changes.
  4. Some before and after pics so far.
    I'm gonna blackout the engine next, when the weather warns up in cold Melbourne.

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