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Honda Spada

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by infinityx, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    so i realized i never looked at trading post for a new bike, and plugged in honda spada and got a couple of matches.

    there is one which was a 1989 model for $2990 (and the seller would provide a Blue slip on giving a deposit). Ofcourse i would get a mechanic to check the bike out before i do the final purchase.

    The ad shows some dent and scratches on the feul tank (see pics below). I was wondering how much would something like this cost to fix?

    i am also feeling that $2990 would be a premium for a bike with such dents and scratches. I am planning to check it out in person but i cant see my self offering more than $2500 for it as long as the rest of the bike is tip top. I would use the scratches and dents as a bargaining point.

    Hope this will be an appropriate way to negotiate the price.

    I wanted to get you opinions though on how much those dents and scratches are worth if i did fix them.



    Thanks guys.
  2. I would look into buying a tank from a wrecker as Id bet its cheaper than a beat and spray on that tank. You could buy my VTR, its got 103000 kms but the tank is dent free!
  3. redbook prices ( not the bible of course but a rough guide....) for a 1990 spada is:

    Price when new (RRP) $5,699
    Trade in price guide $800 - $1,000
    Private price guide $1,200 - $1,500

    is it a 1989 or 1999 year model. i used a 1990 price off redbook. how many k's, does it have a service manual?

    for 1989 bike $3K is a hell of a lot....
  4. 1989 50000km

    @evil: i am thinking of going in there with a max of $2500. Since i will have to spend some more on the rego+CTP (although he would get me the blue slip) and also the fuel tank.

    @2000VTR: How much would a fuel tank from the wreckers set one back? i would probably get the wreckers to fit it because i am a total noob when i comes to bikes.

    Anyway i am going today to check out a VTR250 2006 model (with some slight scratches) and with 13000km for $5600. If it fit my vertically challenged body i might buy that instead newer and less hassle overall.

    Spada were my first choice cause the size was just right for me. The Zeal is my second choice, there is one i am waiting for the seller to reply. but again the VTR is newer and hopefully less hassle.

    Thanks for the reply guys.
  5. infinity thats a 21 year old bike you are looking at. if it's got as much mileage on it as some of the 21 yr olds ive seen out lately at night, i'd beware :LOL:....and 50000k's? is 150000 k's i.e. has the speedo gone through 99999km's and reset?

    newer bikes mean less hassles if they have been looked after....and if you can afford it. a mate of mine has the vtr 250 and says its great ( he also has the 1000 model too ).

    if you go down that road with the older bike and you are in sydney give the guys at Sydney motorcycle wreckers in alexandria a call. there is also metropolitan spares at silverwater. not sure of your location though. but they might have a tank and can quote you a price.
  6. The redbook is not even a rough guide when it comes to LAMS/250s

    There are plenty of spadas out there selling for $2000+ still

    Spadas fetch plenty of money because they are good bikes, and are technically still pretty current (alloy frame, 8v water cooled 40hp vtwin, 6sp, discs etc etc), when compared to contemporary 250s (except efi)

    $3000 is not bad for a well sorted, trouble free, spada, it is not hard to spend $1500 at a mechanic sorting a poor condition $1500 spada (most spadas will be lucky dip in this range or quite rough cosmetically).

    As for the original post, given the cost of the bike, the tank probably won't be worth fixing, it will cost at least $250+ to get the existing tank repaired/repainted properly, your chances of finding the same colour tank if perfect condition without rust in it from wreckers is very low too.

    Keep looking, at $3000 you shouldn't need to compromise much at all on a spada.
  7. hey guys i'm back from an inspection. I';ve decided to go for a >10 year old bike like the VTR. dont want the headache of getting a 20+ old bike unless its in perfect condition.

    Checked out a vtr250 2006 model has only done 13000km. there were some sratches on the exhaust, which was done by the previous owner dropping the bike in the garage, however the rest of the body looks in good shape.

    Mechanically, the brakes looked a little worn but this probably because i am a mechanical noob. The current owner has had the bike for 6 months and hasnt serviced it, because he bought it at 12000km and only rode it for 1000km.

    Is there anything i should be worried about if a bike hasn't been serviced for 6 months and has only been used for 1000km?

    If its nothing to worry about i am wondering if the price is good or should i try to take a couple of hundred off the price maybe make an offer of $5400?

    I'll definitely get a mechanic to come check it out. shouldn't cost much since its in Concord which is fairly close to the city i guess.

    Thanks Guys, hopefully i'll have a new bike within the week.
  8. when ive dropped my vtr the only issues were levers etc, which would obviously be bent on any bike they were damaged on, sounds ok for this one.
    Lack of service is ok if you change oil and filter + air filter before you start doing kms on it. I have serviced my VTR once a year and never had a problem, theyre bulletproof.
    I would get an inspection done just to make sure the fork alignment is ok and how many kms you can do on the current brake pads. Also for a check of fluid levels (coolant, oil, brake fluid)

    Sounds like a good buy for the kms as long as its mechanically sound.
  9. thanks guys, i'll call the guy up and arrange for an proper mechanic to go out there to inspect the bike. will go and put a deposit first :p in-case he sells it lol. Pitty have to work whole week :( might try to make the time though

    @evil - to an extent i check some of those things but at least for my first bike i'll let e professional look it over. once i have the bike i'll go through that checklist and make sure i understand everything before i purchase my next bike (unrestricted):)
  10. Hey,

    i just bought a Spada and is truely an AMAZING BIKE!

    it has more horses than the VTR and also has a tacho which some models of the VTR dont.
    You wont feel much difference from the 5 speed gearbox on the VTR as opposed to the 6 on the SPADA.

    I decided on the Spada for a few reasons,

    A. The Price
    B. The Look
    C. Some thing a little different.

    A little about the one i bought, first i paid $2,700 with out a RWC. it only had 19,000 on the clock. It required new fork seals and new front brake switch for the RWC so i haggled these off his asking price which was $3,100. Believe it or not IT HAS NEVER BEEN DROPPED! original pegs, handle bars the works very straight probably one of the best deals you could find on a SPADA!

    finding parts for it isnt to hard as it was actually sold here in 1990, and no matter what year model all the bikes are the same. theres a place in NSW that specializes in SPADAS but with this engine i doubt i'll need their service.

    I just had my RWC done on saturday and it passed no worries at all, after repairs + cost of RWC it cost me $3,000

    A very good deal for a bike that will last for years to come, needs no work for next 3000K's and will hold value as long as i dont drop it.

    I was tossing up between the VTR and the SPADA but didnt have the extra cash for the VTR so went with the SPADA becuase i found a RIPPER!

    i too looked at the red one, dints in the tank in my opinion caused by handle bars on a bad drop, probably warped whole chassis, good call to stay away from that one.

    any way thats my two cents, theres some great threads on here about the SPADA thats basically why i decided on looking for one in the first place as my first bike!
  11. hey mate, yea i do like the spada cause i could properly rest both m feet flat on the ground. the VTR is a little higher so about 1/5 my feet is off the ground. I just have to get used to it and get the confidence. been waiting months to find the right Spada and just havent found it since my P's are coming up in May i think the VTR will do me well.

    I called this guy and I will be hopefully closing the deal for the VTR 2006 13000km next saturday for $5600 once the mechanic checks it out. personally as long as i dont royally destroy the bike in a crash i think it will hold its value based on what i have read at least.

    the guy has paper work for the last service at 12000km. haven't seen it but he just found it. so taking his word for it right now.

    Cant wait!!! one more week.
  12. If you have the cash go the VTR, i couldnt wait to save that much :)

    the only thing with this old bike is finding a mechanic for it, lots of places wont look at old bikes. But found a post on here suggesting a guy in south melb for old bikes so thats fixed. Lucky its in A1 Condition :)

    Best of luck.
  13. Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers, 52-54 Mologa Road, Heidelberg West, VIC, 3081 Ph: (03) 9457 1733 Fax: (03) 9457 1866. None of the Sydney Wreckers had a fuel tank, so I gave my credit card number over the phone and they courier the tank up to the bike mechanic.

    My original Fuel Tank had rusted away and it caused a massive fuel spillage on my front patio. The Bleeder pipe was blocked with a ball bearing for some reason and it trapped water there and caused rust. The tank I brought from Victoria was dented but it had no rust and the bleeder pipe was on excellent condition. The Black Tank cost $200 and $25 delivery. I thought I had to paint the front guard and side panels Black to match the new tank. Instead, the painter did an excellent job matching the tank to the existing Royal Blue colour whilst the tank's dents were being repaired.

    I really like my Spada. I intend to keep it for a while. That is the reason why I went through the effort to replace the tank. I had a few other repairs to do like Rear Shocker absorbers, indicator flash relay, new chain and spocket, new battery after 3 years but it has been very cheap to run, rego and insure.

    VTR250s have the advantage of having parts readily available. When I brought my Spada 3.5 years ago, there were not many second hand VTR250s and they were very pricey. So I brought the Spada. The money I saved was spent on better protective gear and some lessons. Spending money on knowledge is more valuable than getting that ultimate bike.

    If you can wait a few months and want less hassles with maintenance, choose a second VTR250. If you are poor like me and impatient, then Honda Spadas. If you are getting a Grey Import, inspect the bike carefully. Some are very good, some are crap.