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honda spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timo66, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Have been looking for a bike for the last 2 months,i was going to get a zzr/gpx/vtr for around the $4,000 mark but have not found what im looking for yet.This is my first bike and i will be upgrading as soon as i can so im thinking of maybe getting a spada to learn on.I,ve seen one which looks okay for $3,000 with reg and rwc ,it has done 47,000 what do you all think good buy and choice or not.Thanks.

  2. go and hae a look at hippos spada in the bikes for sale section
    good reliable all rounders
  3. If there is nothing wrong and you haggle it into the mid-high-2s then it wouldn't be a bad buy.
  4. Just remember, the spada is 20 years old. 47,000km is pretty low for such an old bike. But its possible.

    You should be able to get a post 2000 gpx/zzr for the 3k mark. In fact, I saw some below 3k when I was looking.

    But the spadas are a very nice bike.
  5. 47,000kms.....

    Just a question guys, what would you offer for a spada displaying 57,000?

  6. hey mate, the spada is an awesome learner bike!! i just bought one 3 weeks ago for that same purpose. i paid $2500 for mine and it came with rego and rwc. plus 2 brand new tyres and it has only 32k on the clock (who knows if this is real km's or not). but the few weeks experience i have on it i cant recomend it highly enough haha....i did a shit load of research too before i bought it and as far as bang for your buck you cant go past the spada. and in my personal opinion, they are one of the toughest looking 250 naked bikes around!!

    anything less then $3000 mate with a rwc and rego, im sure you will be happy with!! good luck mate.

    cheers nick
  7. Just be careful as there are a whole bunch of alleged dodgy spadas out there spewed out by sumoto and the likes, sometimes with rediculously low klms, one went on bikesales a week ago with 8000k on it, which I don't buy for a second.

    They ship them all over then assemble bikes out of all the best bits and respray them to look good.

    Take a mate who knows a thing or two about bikes to look with you!
  8. 57,000??

    Thats a lot of km's....

    If you're in the market for around $4k - I'll sell you my 2000 ZZR with 15,000 on the clock, new tyres and F*&King-loud exhaust..

    Mechanically A1 - "best ZZR I've seen in years" according to the dude who serviced it!..

    I need something to motivate me to upgrade!! lol