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Honda Spada workshop manuals - now online

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, May 15, 2005.

  1. Finally got around to unpacking from our last move in February.

    Anyhow, found my CD with the Spada manuals.

    Uploaded to my website http://www.theedgeofmadness.com/spada/spada.html

    Feel free to share, it's my dev site so I've got unlimited bandwidth. Hefty download though at 24 megs.

  2. Thanks man, I just wrote a reply in other topic, I was looking for the service manual cause in Chile bike mechanics sucks... I go to college and twice a week (after college) I study to be a bike mechanic. I wont work repairng bikes, just mine... cause mechanics here are expensive, they dont know s"ยท$t and its hard to find spare parts.
  3. Holy crap. These are the scans *I* made back in 2001 from the original microfiche I bought! I totally lost the PDF copies and only had the Photoshop images. Did you get them from me directly and convert them into the PDF images?

    P.S. The funny story about the microfiche is that I took it to Hermes Precisa (HPA) to get printed, and the guy there took one look at it and said "wow, I made the original of this microfiche for Honda!".
  4. That's a classic.

    I got them off an old google cache version a couple of years ago from a site in England.
  5. Yeah, the site belonged to a guy in the UK who found me on some forum, and I sent him the scanned images. For like 3 years it was the only place that had the files - and after 8 months of that the second file became corrupted. People found me on his site and asked for the files but by then I'd lost the PDFs and couldn't be buggered converting them again. I must have sent the 90MB Photoshop images to a dozen people or so.

    Actually, I've just gotten organised and converted all those pages into a single PDF, with bookmarks! I'm sure you'd like to put that on your website instead, so send me a private message and I'll pass on contact details.