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Honda Spada VT250

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by joshua, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum stuff to bare with me.

    I recently purchased a '89 Honda Spada Vt250 and love riding it.

    Firstly is there anything i should know about owning/riding this bike.

    Secondly, there is a large dent on the left hand side of the fuel tank where a previous owner had dropped it, does anyone know somewhere/someone that i could talk to about getting a new one?

    Also i would like to get a few accessory for it like: tool kit, new speedo and tacho, and new Left mirror. can anyone help with these?

    Please drop me a message if you can help with anything?
  2. Welcome to NR, the Spada seems popular as a learner bike, there are a few on here with these bikes, ebay would be a popular site to chase up bits n pieces, over WA you may have to check bike wreckers for another tank if you want to replace it.
    good luck and enjoy :)
  3. Parts can be sourced from mechanics but be prepared for ridiculous costs.
    As goddie said wreckers are your best bet for parts if they have a Spada in stock.

    As for things you should be aware of...
    With the cold weather you might need to use the choke when starting the bike. Also the bike appears to run very cold going by the temp gage. Don't worry if it doesn't get past the half way point. It just doesn't go up unless you stop and have the bike idle for a while (provided nothing is wrong with the bike).
  4. Don't bother yourself with the dent, just live with it; you'll be looking for a larger bike in a year or so anyway... it's not likely to be money that you can get back on resale, and it might deter thieves (but I wouldn't count on it).

    The little v-twin is a great motor, enjoy it.

    Bunnings or the likes are good for tools... just get yourself a set of small metric ring spanners, a pair of medium sized pliers, and a couple of screw drivers. A wrecker should be able to help you out with a cheap spanner big enough for the rear axle nut, or you could buy a big shifter. Spray the tools with WD40, wrap them in an old sock or three, and stuff the lot under the seat.
  5. Congratulations on a fine choice of motorcycle. The Spada is basically bulletproof, and the aluminium frame makes it light enough to have some real fun with.

    You have basically no chance of finding an instrument cluster in this country worth buying.
    The cam chains are starting to go in this model. If it's rattling, now is the time to look at getting it replaced.
  6. Congrats mate!. I own a spada and they're are a great bike to zip around on and learn your road craft.

    In regards to your tank, unless your planning to get it back to it pride and glory I wouldn't really worry too much, if you really wanted one then wreckers are your best bet. In regards to mirrors etc, again, wreckers... However theres a great source of stuff off this website also:
    Wemoto.com & Japan.webike.net
  7. Good choice, welcome to the forum. What you should know? Regular oil changes, and you won't have any trouble with the engine. Riding? It's light and turns easily. My Spada totally boosted my confidence.

    I have a large dent on the top left of my fuel tank. As its quite hard and expensive to panel beat it out, I'm filling it in with putty. After that I'll cover the old paint job and putty with vinyl wrap, matte black. You can source it for about $5.00 per square meter from eBay. Putty is your friend.

    I know the stock speedo is ugly. I was considering an r6 look-a-like replacement from eBay. Costs about $60, just seach for "motorcycle speedometer". However its a big job, and considering you don't have a "tool kit" I'm guessing you're not a 100% mechanically.

    I got a new of mirrors from eBay, left and right. Except they're the bar end type. They look awesome and only $35 with shipping. Here's the link http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/280903304686?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_500wt_1063

    If you want a tool kit, here's the stuff I used on my bike when servicing. This stuff helped me remove the wheel, dissemble the carbs, etc.

    -Phillips head screwdriver
    -Flat blade screwdriver
    -Socket wrench set
    -Adjustable spanner
    -Car Jacks/Stands (they go on the swingarm)
    -WD-40 for old bolts

    All this stuff you can buy from bunnings, relatively cheap. The jack stands probably from Super Cheap.

    Anything else you need Spada related do let me know.
  8. Thanks for the replies all.

    When I said i do not have a tool kit i meant a genuine Honda kit for the Spada. At home between my dad, brother and myself we have just about every tool you can think of and more. So yes i could just make up a kit but i really wanted the genuine ones for the bike itself.

    I got a quote of about $70 for a new mirror (fitted) form Honda so i mine just go with that.

    As for the speedo and tacho, they are not the original ones. They are cheap plastic ones so i would like to fit some better ones.

    On another note i would like to get some touch-up paint for some of the scratches. The code is R157 (Italian Red) and i do not know what the silver is, does anyone know where i can get these paints in Perth WA?

    Thanks ageg, i will have a browse through these sites when i get time.
  9. The only thing from the tool kit that you'll want/need is the c-spanner to adjust the rear suspension. For the rest of the tools you'd be better off with known brand tools (Make your own small kit) because the ones that come with the bike aren't that good.
  10. i have had my bike fully serviced and my mechanic said i will need and new Chain and Sprockets within the next 1000kms. so i have been looking through both of these sites and i would like to order them soon but i do not know if these brands are good or even if they are correct for my bike? please help!

    the Sprocket brands are: AFAM, SUNSTAR, XAM sizes 428 and 520
    Chains are: RK, EK, DID sizes 428 and 520.
  11. I just received my chain and sprocket set from Wemoto. The chain is the Japanese D.I.D brand. The sprockets are from Jomthai Asahi. Both are pretty reputable companies. So far, after 300km of riding, the chain/sprockets are doing quite well. All up they cost about $115 aud.
  12. Maybe there is a Spada forum somewhere?
    Welcome anyways mate,

  13. Nah no real spada forums :(... Just here and aus bike riders, I just use the manuals and try to find what I can on the net.
  14. so i just bought a spada to learn on and i'm loving every second of it:D

    one question though what is the red triangle on the tachometer for?
  15. its so the aliens know who to probe
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  16. You aren't talking about the redline are you? :-s
    That informs you to change gear up as you're nearing the end of the rev-range.
  17. Haha that little triangle is what the needle points to, when you go for second and hit neutral instead...
  18. If you mean the light at the bottom of the tachometer, that is the "speed" warning. Supposedly lights up when over 80km/h (Japanese limit). I think most Australian Spadas have this disabled.

    Spada is a great bike by the way!