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Honda Spada VT250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Spadaman, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Hey
    my spada is giving me a bit of trouble atm and is driving me nuts, it seems to struggle at a prox 5000 up, under load. Free reving seems ok however at aprox 7-9000 it doesn't quite sound 100%. Fuel tank has been removed, no blockage but cleaned out anyway. Does anyone have any ideas or does anyone know of a online repair manual. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  2. To cut a long story short had a friend with a spada & similar problem.

    Check this.

    Behind the fuel tap there will be a number of hoses one of these is a suction line which goes to the engine manifold. This one which probably due to age is going light grey in colour is responsible for providing a vacuum which opens the fuel tap diaphragm when the engine is running and allows fuel to flow thru the tap.

    Check that this hose is secure at both ends ie so it can provide a vacuum. My friends was loose. Simply put a small cable tie on it or even garbage bag tie on it and it should fix your problem (I hope)

    Theory at the time was that at low revs it went ok but at higher revs not enough vacuum was produced and hence not enough fuel reached the engine ie it struggled.

    The purpose of the vacuum line is to automatically close the fuel tap when you turn the bike off

    Give it a go plus its cheap and quick to check.

    Good luck
  3. Hi that's for ur post. When I had the tank off that hose was the first thing I checked and it all seemed fine, I had the coils off testing them, they seemed fine, found two electrical plugs on either side if the rail that were quite dirty so I cleaned them and put everythin back together. Took for a short run and it didn't seem to change it, so after swearing at the bike I parked it. Decided the next morning I would chance it to work run beautiful and never missed a beat. Have since taken to and from work and a big ride up the mountain with no problems. Was it those dirty connections?? Who knows but I do know a saying if it ain't broken don't fix it!! Thanks for ur posts

  4. Glad it worked out :0)