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Honda Spada Vt250 Rear Shock and Rear Set problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fre3ride, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I have been riding my 1989 Honda Spada for a few months now. It is a sweet bike but I have a few problems. The first is that my shock is really bouncy. It is like Im riding a pogo stick. How do I adjust this? The second problem is that the bike was dropped and the right side rear set (where the peg attaches) Is a little bent and has to cracks in it. Anybody know where I can get a replacement or if I can fix it?

    Thanks alot for the help.

  2. Find a wrecker for the rearset. Can't remember how adjustable the rear shock was sorry.
  3. The Spada's rear shock only has adjustment for pre-load (ie how compressed the spring is).

    Chances are at that age, the shock is knackered and could do with a rebuild, They are a sealed/welded unit and need to be cut open etc to be rebuilt, there are bike suspension places that do this for a few hundred i think.

    Maybe a similar/better shock from a different bike can be sourced from the wreckers?, ie vtr250?
  4. thanks

    I think I will have to take it into a bike shop to see if they have anything similar that will work. The rearset off of a few different hondas looks awfully close. This winter my bikes getting redone..tear drop mirrors! Street Fighter Headlight! sport bike pegs! new bar ends! grips! and maybe some paint too!
  5. See if you've got the C-spanner in your tool kit. Mine came with the bike when I got it. It's pretty easy to adjust, providing it's not knackered.
  6. a springing shock can only mean poor rebound damping. Relaxing the preload a little may help. Also for about 150 bucks you can have the shock serviced and re-gased.
    For another 100 you can have it revalved for your weight. Depends on how serious you are.
    Check out a specialist suspension shop in your area and see what they can do.
  7. Re: thanks

    Go through with these mods? Sounds good. I've had my Spada for a couple of years. Wanting to do something to her now. Wouldn't mind seeing some pics? or picking your brain.