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Honda Spada: Tachometer light

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    My Honda Spada Tachometer light is gone. Only the right half of the tachometer is lit. The left side is not lit. I have not had a chance to look at it closely, whether of not it is easy to open up so that I can replace the light globe.

    I will probably change the light globes in the speedometer and tachometer. Both left and right sides.

    Thankfully, I listen to the engine rather than look at the tachometer.

  2. If you're lucky it should only be a couple of screws/bolts at the back to get the cover off.. if you have a service manual it might even tell you

    I had the same thing happen to my Integra and just bought a replacement bulb for like $3 I think.. coulda been more but it was still cheap

    Replacing the light itself is pretty straight forward once its apart.

  3. All the lights in the instruments on my Spada were gone when I got it. Was only a few bucks to replace them all. There are only 5-7 screws to take out, depending on which lights you need to get at exactly. The service manual is linked in a thread here somewhere but I don't thin you *really* need it for this job. It is handy to have around though.
  4. Who needs instrument lights? Just rev it 'til the rev limiter cuts in, then change up. As for speed, find one of those inconsiderate 4x4 morons with more lights than the WACA and no idea where their dipswitch is and get them to tailgate you. A quick lean one way or the other and your speedo will be lit clear as day.
  5. uh....huh.

    Well turns out one of the lights in my tacho has gone, so I'll be breaking it open today. Hopefully I can get some nice bright LED replacements for them. I'll fire up the camera while I'm at it.
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses. Now the relay switch?? or the thing that make indicators flash is dead. The indicators just remain on. They do not blink. At least the orange lights are on. It would be nice if they blink, that would attract more attention.
  7. The indicator relay is easy to get at. It's just forward of the little storage bay under your seat. It is held on by a little rubber fitting that slips over a plastic clip. Can't miss it. Check that the 3-pin plug is in there properly and listen for the clicking when you turn your indicators on. If you can't hear the clicking the problem is either with the relay itself or somewhere in the wiring before the relay. If it is clicking there's a problem after the relay.

    It is easily replaced if you can find another one with the same plug. If not you might have to cut the plug off it and put some spade terminals on there and get an aftermarket unit (lots on ebay)
  8. What happened with the Tacho Lights?

    Mine are not gone but are very dimm indeed. Love the idea of boosting it up a little.
  9. Indicator Flash relay has been changed. I haven't changed the light bulbs yet but I will do it soon. THe side that is gone is 0rpm to 7rpm. I hardly look at my tacho and if I do look at it, I am only interested in the 6rpm and higher range. Due to daylight saving, I am riding "more" in the daylight. Once daylight saving ends, I will definitely change the bulbs.
  10. Haha man, I've got the same thing with my speedo. No lights below 60km/h, so I dont really need to worry all that much unless I'm in a 40 or 50 zone and a cop is around. Also the tacho needle is snapped and I've got to work out if I'm bothered to do something about it :-k