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Honda Spada speedo sticking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lil_mike, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    My 89 VT250 spada is having some speedometer problems. works fine up until it gets to about 100km/h then it just goes up and doesn't drop back down. at one point it was even reading faster than I knew it should be (it got up to 120 without me even accelerating from 100). It goes back down eventually after a few good taps/hits to the cluster.

    Pulled the gauges apart already and checked to see if it was getting jammed, but seems to return fine when I manually push it around. Put a little WD40 into the recess to see if that helps but no luck either. What else can I check? Service manual mentions nothing....


  2. If the speedo works fine turning it manually, then perhaps the problem lies at the other end of the cable (ie the speed drive mechanism on the front wheel).
  3. The VTEC just kicked in :).
  4. Had a similar issue with a previous bike some time ago, only that at certain times, my speed would jump up and down, sporadically. It can be very frustrating at times, especially when the section of the road is smothered by speed cameras !

    Nonetheless, I googled this issue and found it to be a possible speed sensor issue. I'm not too sure of a Spada's technical intricacies, but try and locate this sensor - connected at front sprocket area. It could be filth/grime on the sensor itself or worst case that the sensor needs replacing.

    My 2c. Good luck mate.
  5. Spada instruments can be a little dodgy - although usually it's that the needles break off (the imported models don't like UV light and get brittle).

    It's still a problem I've heard of before with a Spada - and short of cleaning everything up (as suggested previously) there's not much you can do. Since it's about the only real issue that Spadas have, it's not too hard ot live with.
  6. Funny timing, this - the speedo on my Spada stopped working altogether on Friday!
    @Nickers the "sensor" on these things is a gear on the front wheel, spinning a flexidrive cable that runs into the back of the speedo - pretty simple stuff and won't explain these symptoms...
    My problem seems to be electrical, and I'd suggest that Mike's is too - I haven't investigated yet, but my guess is a dodgy wiring connection in mine, and perhaps an over-voltage situation in the OP's?
    Actually Mike, I'd be happy to work "together" on this one if that would help? P.M. me if so, and I'll start dismantling/photographing this afternoon...
  7. NiteKreeper:
    If a cable driven speedo stop working suddenly I would first check that the cable is intact and not broken.

    If it is sensor driven, try cleaning as suggested.
  8. wow, lots of replies.

    ok, i've checked the speedo cable and it is fine. pulled it out at the wheel and made sure both ends were turning properly etc, no problems there.

    So that does narrow it down to electrical. the system seems relatively simple. just uses magnet to spin the needle and a sort of disc thing that i think is for the "you've exceeded 90km/h and i think you should slow down" light.


    Speedo drive


    Speedo Drive 2


    Speed light

    as far as i can tell there is nothing in the way of it though, and it spins freely when i turn it by hand or use the cable and spin it via that. so confused.
  9. WD40 is not your friend when it comes to speedos as it dries with a sticky residue that is good for rust protection but not for free movement of sensitive instruments.

    The problem could also be that the photon phasing of the speedo's thronomister is experiencing a temporal aberration flux. Or not.
  10. Hey Mike,
    Did ya wind back your ODO while you were at it ? :D
  11. How did you lift the needle off the face? Mine is pretty well stuck there...
  12. haha the thought did cross my mind for a bit, but no i refrained.

    Also, seemed to have fixed the issue by removing the speed light sensor thingy. pulled it out and now it doesnt get stuck anymore :D who knew. it is a bit sluggish though over 90 still, but nothing really noticeable. NiteKreeper seems to have fixed his as well, but his was a bee stuck inside.

    So if you have a Spada with a temperamental speedometer, remove the speed light sensor.........or check for bees
  13. Good onya mate ! Problem fixed (y)
  14. Try turning your right hand forward (relaese throttle) HAHA. Just kidding. Sorry couldn't help my self.
  15. Should also add I fixed mine with Mike's encouragement - turns out I rode through a swarm of bees a few months back (on Stoney Creek Road ffs!), and one of them had been floating around in there messing up the works!
    Blew out the carcass, reassembled and haven't had a problem since...

  16. I reckon you guys would give the 'Bush Mechanics' a run for their money (y)
  17. Yeah well when you ride older bikes like us, it pays to travel with a full complement of spares and a team of bush mechanics:

    And don't laugh, those little fingers are PERFECT for getting at the no. 2 plug...
  18. Well said mate :)thumb:) and great pic LOL
  19. that pic is hilarious haha. One thing I should add actually, is to mark the location of the needles before you pull them off......caused me a whole heap of hassle trying to fix that :(