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Honda Spada Seat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gre03, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Hi, I got a new (second hand) seat recently but, like my old one, it won't sit (no pun intended) flush with the tank. If anyone else had a Spada can they post pics of theirs? Thanks
    DSC_0055sml. DSC_0056sml.

  2. gee thanks uncle greg, what would i do without you :p
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  3. That's not how the seat would have been when new. From memory the seat base is light weight and pretty bendy near the front, when they are recovered with a non pre shaped original cover, the seat base bends back when the cover is pulled tight.
    Or your bike's a bit wonky.
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  4. I'll grab a photo tomorrow if I remember. But my seat has never been really flush, not as bad as your photo's I think. But as nearlynormal says, it's likely the fabric is pulling the front of the seat up a little. No drama's as it will loosen up.
  5. interesting, i hadn't thought of that.
    How would one go about loosening the vinyl? I could try a heat gun/hair dryer.
    i noticed at the back of the seat (where your bum goes, not the pillion) that the vinyl has lifted off the foam which i imagine would've been glued down initially.
  6. Yeah my seat is much closer seated (is that a pun?) to the tank, not flush though. The vinyl should stretch with use I imagine. I did the vinyl seat cover myself a while ago, it didn't really want to stay down at that bit on the seat, it does now.
  7. What he said.
    It probably will never sit spot on unless you cover again being careful to keep in shape, Not worth the money unless it really bugs you.
    The young people tell me a bit of a gap between the thighs you can see daylight through is very much ''in'' at the moment anyway.
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