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honda spada revs to kph....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kingfisher, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. hi guys, I have a little question re: my sweet little red spada (my first bike too).....

    when on the open road and in 6th its revving out at 9000 when i get up to 100kph and then 10000 when i get to 110kph.

    Is this a normal amount of rev's for that speed for that bike?

    the rear sprocket is the stock 54 teeth, however i have no idea about the front..... if that makes a diff......

    if this is normal, what can I do to lower this as i feel that its a little much for a little 250?. I dont feel confident about taking it on a decent ride when its like that...


  2. Don't know about the spada but my VTR250 ( same motor with a 5 speed box) used to rev at 7K in top at 100 ks.
  3. ok, so it may be that there is an issue? any idea what is the problem?
  4. You can try 1 or even 2 teeth up on the front sprocket (fronts aren't too dear) but be warned you will loose acceleration and you will need to hold it longer between gear changes.

    1 should be fairly subtle. 2 will be significant.
  5. Yes, those rpm are about right.

    If you are that concerned about the bike blowing up or whatever I suggest taking it to a good mechanic and asking them to go over it, the works, valve clearances, carbies, get their opinion on the timing chains (about the only Achilles heel of these engines) and cooling system (don't want that rear cylinder frying).

    If the engine is healthy I wouldn't think twice about the rpm, they are a busy little engine, any 250 with 30+hp needs plenty of rpm to achieve it.

    The v-twin used in the Spada has been around since the early 80s, on release it was the highest hp per liter engine in mass production and the first 250s with twin cam (quad :p ) 4v heads, the very first were known to be fragile (vt250f), more due to metallurgy and construction than design.

    Your bike is already 15+yrs old, I doubt you are the first owner to take it to 100kph :grin:

    Keep it in good condition with fresh oil and filters, it will be fine.

    Change the gearing and you'll turn it into a slug.
  6. Thanks for that mate, It gives a little relief..... still think i might go to a 51 tooth rear sprocket..... just to see how it goes.....

    Cant hurt, and its a learning experence.

  7. does anyone know where I can find a rear sprocket with less teeth for a spada?
  8. Yeah, sounds a bout right, I used to ride my brothers spada. The spada was more powerfull and revd harder than the newer vtr.
  9. Cheaper to get a front sprocket with one more tooth, will have the same effect.