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Honda Spada Parts

Discussion in 'Archived' started by gongrider, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. Having sold my Spada I have no need for the spares I had accrued:

    I had nearly a complete bike except for the wheels. A few bits like the dash and headlight are damaged but may be repairable or good for mods.

    I will be making a more exhaustive list on the weekend, but...

    Wiring Loom
    Engine (disassembled)
    Seat (needs re-upholster)
    Fuel Tank (some dents & scratches)
    Ventura L Brackets

    So if you need any bits really cheap, let me know!

    Will get some pics over the weekend.
  2. Any aftermarket stuff your selling? Too bad ur in new :(... I'm planning on doin a few mods to my spada soon.... What colors the tank and wheel guards?
  3. Hey, the tank and plastics are black.

    Unfortunately no aftermarket bits - they are all original used spares...

    Also didn't manage to get any photos on the weekend due to the crappy weather...

    And should mention the parts are located in the NSW Southern Highlands
  4. good day.
    i am interested on your spada fuel tank. is it still avalable? how much?

  5. It's got some dents and scratches, plus has no fuel cap mechanism, so how about $30 + postage?
  6. If the dude before me Dosent get back to you soon, I'm interested in the tank... Mine seems to be rusting on the inside. You got some pics?
  7. The parts are stored at my olds' place so don't have any available with me.

    I'll see what I can do
  8. Hey mate wondering if you're still looking to get rid of parts, I'm interested in the oil pan if its in good condition. Also how damaged is the dash? is the circuitry for the tacho still working? Cheers
  9. I think the oil pan is ok, the dash i will have to have a closer look at. I will be down that way next weekend so I'll check it out then.
  10. Cheers mate, will keep an eye on this post.
  11. Hi
    wondering if you have the speedo gearbox left?
  12. I forgot to ask, if you also had a speedo cable? Thanks
  13. Hey mate can I grab that tank off you?? Really need it now, mine has 3 pin hole leaks and is rusting out. Are you about to get be to me this week about it, price and postage? Only really concerned if yours has holes or has rusted out... If not ill take it off your hands. I'm in Victoria so let me know.

  14. Oil pan is fine, only engine part I think that isn't ok is the crank.

    Not sure about a speedo cable, couldn't see it when looking around.

    If you mean the dash and speedo gears, there is one. It has a crack right through but from what I can see the speedo mechanism is functional.

    The tank is okay, not rusted inside. Just had a dent and paint off on one corner (externally). As for price, I'd only be looking around $30 + postage. Postage I will leave up to you, but will be coming from 2575 NSW.

  15. Hi, I'll be happy to take the Oil Pan off your hands, what's the price you want for it?, I live around Fairfield/Liverpool area wondering if you'd come past that area or somewhere else we can meet? Otherwise the other option is posting, shouldn't be too hard since I'm in nsw. Cheers
  16. Hey mate, would you happen to have the rear brake lines?
  17. Hi mate. Brake lines can be made custom for not much money. My rear lines on my spada ruptured and I had to replace.

    I went to this place:


    And had a braided line made for ~$90. I think I was quoted $75 for rubber.

    I wouldn't recommend using an original spada line as if it's original the rubber has probably aged and may rupture as happened to me. Not sure where your located but there are a few of these type of companies around.

    Food for thought.
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  18. does anyone know of a place to get parts for a Spada? I have been having a tough time tracking down anyone who carries anything. specifically a fuel tank and fuel filter. I think i can get oil filter and spark plugs and the basics online, but if anyone has suggestions i would be grateful.
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