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Honda Spada: My first Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hi All.

    Being a lurker for the past two weeks (and visiting a few bike shops). I have put a deposit down on a Spada at Caringbah Motorcycles. It will be painted blue with black wheels. It will be beautiful!!! :grin:

    I'm pretty sure that I made the right decision.

    I do my L's next Wednesday and Thursday. It will take at least two weeks for Carringbah Motorcycles to prepare my bike. It will take me just as long for me to organise my finances. (So timing is good, if it takes them a bit longer, I won't mind).

    A Staintune muffler will also be fitted. I need to ring tomorrow cos I forgot to order a luggage rack, Ventra Rack, is that's what it's called?

    After three months of procastinating (well, say 10 years of procastinating), I considered the following:
    1): A new VTR250 at about $8,700, maybe $9,000 - Too much for me! (even with a loan, if I could get one?)
    2): 2nd Hand VTR250, only six available this week in Trading Post (NSW) at least $6K to $7K. Very few available and still abit beyond my budget.
    3): a New Hyosung GT250 at $6,500 (have been quoted $6,800). Still beyond my budget but I naively thought, worth it if it's a new bike.
    4): a new CBF250 - not into single cylinder bikes - I know that sounds illogical but I prefer V-Twins
    5): 2nd Hand CB250 - see point 4) plus, not good at inspecting bikes, since I never ridden one before.

    I spent hours into the early morning reading all these posts. (GREAT FORUM) I still have stacks more to read. I concluded that Hyosung quality is not up to my standards (after speaking to a few bike mechanics, plus these post confirm what I felt.)

    A friend also convinced me not to buy new because I am not loaded with money. (Different story if I was, then a new VTR250 would have been petty cash LOL).

    The best part of this story is that my daughter, Cinderella, Holden Commodore VX Series II Acclaim (with 17" Mag wheels, tinted windows, chrome lights and chrome muffle tip) has a baby sister. My bike will be named "Tinkerbell". I got my Commodore at a Government auction at a great price over a couple years ago. Cinderella can take me on long trips where I need to carry stuff, Tinkerbell can take me on short trips (where it is a waste of petrol to do short trips in a 6 cylinder car). I'm so glad that I did not spend money on a body kit two years ago. Cinderella looks great just how she is. That money can now be used for Tinkerbell.

    I haven't posted before, so I made my first one a very long one.

  2. Hi and Welcome! I'm sure you'll love your Spada, most people do.
  3. cinderella.. and tinkerbell... and your name is kevin...

    a lacy underwear wearing truck driver by any chance??

    nah all good, i looked at a spada a while ago as apotential bike aswell. seemed to have everything i could be interested in for a first bike.

    hope it all goes well!
  4. Welcome to the forums man.

    Cinderella and Tinkerbell eh? Interesting names.

    I call my car Pandora (since you never know what will drop out of it next... but haven't figured a name for the GPX yet.

    ah well, I'll work something out I'm sure :p
  5. good choice
    excellent bike very forgiving lotsa grunt for a 250
    i bought a vtr 250 cost me $4000 was a bargin still need to name it thou
    my car is called kermit green 78 xc flacon 351 4 speed auto yda yda 400hp but at 1.60/litre doesent get driven too much ahhhh
    but the bike gets me 21 kms/litre very cheep
    good luck with day learners
  6. I've only ever heard positive things about the Spada. I would love to jump on one to see how it feels compared to its younger brother, the VTR250. The riding position (particularly the handles) looks like the biggest difference.
  7. welcome to the forums.

    nice choice of bike:)
  8. Good choice of bike, Kevin, and excellent choice of dealer; when you come to pick it up, pop into the next set of factory units and say Hi; I work just behind Steve's shop. I'm not connected with him in any way, but I'm happy to sing his praises; he's a good operator....
  9. Thanks for all your support. The bike has only 7011km. I had to blink, thinking that it was the 2nd time it went around. Yet, the discs were like new. The body was excellent. Everything else was in good mint condition excluding the dust. I didn't see any rust. All the Spadas were lined up. A container just arrived about two days ago (from memory). The first six were already sold. Steve and I chose this one. I guess first in, best dress. That's why I laid a deposit down straight away. I had no intention of buying a bike until I did my pre-L course. I think Steve would have sold a few more Spadas today.

    The original rider must have only ridden it for a year before trading it in. (Even in Japan, I can't imagine anyone doing 7011km in 3 years).

    I got an excellent quote for insurance from NRMA.

    This might be a dumb question, should I put Vortex 95 in my bike? In my car, it runs much better when I don't use standard unleaded but Vortex 95. I guess bikes are pretty much the same. The extra cost you pay at the pump returns a much better fuel economy.
  10. hornet600, I hope I do remember to pop in. I think I would be too excited to remember visiting anyone once I get on my bike. What's your work address? (Pls send me a PM message if you like)
  11. My Spada prefers the Shell 95 stuff over higher octane fuel, I guess that should be fine.
  12. ewww it's a honda, use cooking oil

    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. helina...LOL

    Don't tell me that we have a pro-Honda camp and a anti-Honda camp? I can only go by the fact that Honda sell the most bikes. There are more Hondas on the road than any other brands. I guess it's like Holden Vs Fords. At the end of the day, both are similar. It depends upon what era and what taste you have. Eg, Commodore VP were crap, VLs and VXs were great. Falcons AU are crap but the BA and BF are great.

    Knowing nothing about bikes, anyone could have told me a few months that Hyosung were the best bikes around. I soon found out that they were the new players in the bike market.

    Knowing nothing about bikes, I guess Honda had some great models and some bad models. It would be the same for Yamaha, Suzuki and all the others as well. I remember that even during the early 80's Harley Davidson had quality problems until a quality manager kicked up a stink there. Am I right?

    Well, I still belive that I picked a winner with my Spada. (Especially for the limited money I had). Maybe I'm think about luxury bikes when I'm super rich lol.
  14. Dude, there's a pro and anti everything here. Most people are shit stirring, so don't worry about it.

    From what I decided, don't think about if you bought the right bike by the forum. You bought the right bike by you and that's what counts. And it's gonna sound great - heard a VTR250 at Bald Hill not to long back and I thought it was much bigger.

    The CBF thing, the more cyclinders you have the smoother the engine.

    Fuel, find a good servo and you should be right. 95 octane will be fine. I've run 91 - 98 octane and didn't find the difference but run 95 to keep the book happy.

    Sounds like your near 'The Shire', when you feel up for it, PM me and we'll organise a bit of a ride through the nasho with a few people.

    You realise the next to weeks are going to be the worst for a long time?!
  15. Welcome Faramir, and great choice of bike.
    Any idea how much the staintune cost? I've been thinking about it but need to know numbers before I go in front of the financial committee with my proposal.(read: ask the wife if she'll let me :grin: !)
  16. Hi mate and welcome.

    The bikes a great choice ...if i had my time over ,i would get a spada and learn to ride on it .
    I brought a new bike to learn on and I didn't even have it long enought to wash it.......really.:LOL:
    Buy pre loved .

    Enjoy the ride ,see you on a ride soon.

    Sled :)
  17. Yep, welcome to the enthusiastic Spada fraternity/sorority here. I'm loving mine.
  18. Hi Burnsie

    I think Staintune Pipes are about $400 - $500? I really have no idea. I'm getting a special price because the original Exhaust Pipe from my Spada will be taken off and the original will be used on another bike. They have to pull the bike apart whilst they get it up to Aus compliance/regulations. I am also getting specials on gear, etc. As I said before, I know little about bikes, so you might have to ask around. If I didn't asked around, I probably would of brought a different bike.

    Again, thanks for all your support.
  19. Spada seems like a nice bike, and I hope you'll be happy with it. I just wanted to point out in case anyone else in similar position is reading this, that CB250 is not a single, it is in fact a parallel twin. However the new CBF250 that replaces CB250 in Honda's line-up is indeed a single.
  20. go the spadas bought mine from caringbah picked it up last friday and lovin every minute of it :grin: best 250 all rounder in my opinion
    ps those two weeks take for ever...