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Honda SPADA good choice for first bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Leakey, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. I made a trip to Caringbah Motorcycles today, spoke with a guy named Chris who was helpful and basically said what is general concensus here on the forums regarding what type of new bike to look at.

    He also told me that they import Spada's from Jap, and suggested it would be a great bike for me to get as my first.

    I'd love to hear what the rest of you think, especially any Spada owners. I sat on one, and it was comfortable and light enough to twist around, sounds nice too.
  2. Spada is the pre-decessor to the VTR 250.
    As long as there is less than 50k on the clock you should be fine.
    Plus they at least can easily fit a tank bag!

  3. lol have seen em with 150K on the clock still going strong
  4. Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles is Sydney's Mr Spada~!
  5. Strong!? Well I would not be comfortable on a unit with 150k on the frame and if it still is the original engine. By this time the bike will have seriously ended its servicing life (remember it is a 250).
    It may still work flawlessly but the probablity of a major faliure is quite high.
  6. Enough said! Save some cash and get a VTR250. You'll be shredding like Shaun White's dad!!! :LOL:
  7. +1 to that, especially since aluminium frames like the Spada do only have a finite life. Not sure what that is but wouldn't want to be the one to find out.
  8. Steve from caringbah cycles MAY be a bit biased...

    bloody awesome learner bikes though.. but to buy one from him usually means you can afford a 2nd hand VTR250 sold privately... and the VTR is a newer version of a spada..
  9. Spada

    Hey Leakey,

    I had never ridden a bike until 12 months ago, mature rider so got my full licence after P's test. My first bike was a Spada, even though they are over 18 years old they were built strong. I have been told they over engineered them, I think this show due to the number of them still kicking around.

    I had an absolute ball on it, nice and light great bike to get the feel for correct technique. I have sold it now and I'm looking at getting a VTR1000F Firestorm, another V-twin I just love the sound.

    All I can say is I never regretted purchasing my Spada.
  10. Thanks all, very helpful.

    ihaveduff, I was thinking the same. Although the good thing is that he'll give me a discount on gear and a 3 month warranty on the bike, which I wouldn't get through a private sale.

    Gekoe, thanks mate, good to hear.
  11. Nice bike, naked upright is the way to go IMO. Of course there is a very nice GT250 for sale at the moment :wink:
  12. Don't forget if you buy all your gear at one shop you can get a pretty good discount anyway.
  13. I'd suggest looking seriously at getting one second-hand: I bought mine for around 2 and a half and sold it for about the same a year later. They're fantastic bikes and highly recommended, but the prices some dealers are asking are just criminal IMO.
  14. I own one and have had it for about 4 months.

    I bought mine for 3K with 27K on the clock, new tyres and a RWC and it goes a treat. I cant compare it to much seeing I have only ridden a few other bikes and not for very long (test rides etc) but I can say the Spada is easy to ride, cheap to run (all 250's would be though) and almost impossible to stall (V-twin and all).

    Personally, I would have bought a VTR if I had the money and my girlfriend wants to buy a bike and has a bit more cash than I did so I have advised her to look for one but if you cant afford a 2nd hand VTR I think the Spada is an awesome bike, starts first time and is known for its bullet proof motor.

    I also read they were overengineered and as a result cost too much to make and they stopped making them pretty soon after for that reason - I cant vouch for this fact but have read it quite a few times on this forum.

    I highly recommend the Spada but in saying that, only if it is around the 3K price tag. Anything above that and you can get a VTR which is newer and easier to find parts for. Id be suprised if the 3 months warranty on a bike like this would really be important at all.

    Thats my opinion anyway

  15. Awesome, little fun bikes, great to learn on. Love mine to death :grin: Don't over pay, get one with no cam chain noise, chuck some spacers in the front suspenders and have fun :)