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Honda Spada - does anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Flaming Red, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Im a new rider, who has just got my learners and now looking for a bike. Ive heard some great things about the Honda Spada, and im checking one out later this week.

    Can anyone give me some feedback on this bike, or things to look out for when buying one? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Flaming Red ... do I know you ..... ?????

    Be a real biker chick and get a cruiser (like me) :) :)

    Big Red welcomes you to the forum and looks forward to cruisin round with you and your new bike!!

    :) :) :)
  3. could be a bit small if your a tallish person.

    great bike, capable and fairly comfy if your not too tall. same motor as the VTR pretty much plus it has an extra gear.

    have a looksie around the forums, theres a few buying guides around. just make sure you check out a few bikes so you have something to compare it to, and also try a couple of different bikes on for size aswell, just to make sure youre buying the right model for you :wink:
  4. I'll keep this one brief.

    Great bike - only drawbacks are that it is a little small for me (I am 5'11) but that doesnt pose any serious comfort problems. The other is that it has practically no storage space.

    Other than that, it is a gutsy, reliable and agile bike with great fuel economy.
  5. thanks for the replies so far. Im not a super tall person so hopefully size wont be too much of a problem. Will check the guides on the forum as well for more info. Im looking forward to trying out this bike though.

    PS Big Red - Seeing as you are my sister, I'd hope that you know who I am!! I'll leave the cruisers to you..... :)
  6. PM TonyE Red, his daughter has one and she's fairly tall, doesn't seem to bother her. Surpised he hasn't stuck his head in here already actually.
  7. They are an excellent bike. The only fault that I know of is that the instrument needles can be affected by UV light and go brittle and snap off.

    I went looking for replacements for my daughter's tacho when this happened and found that every one in the wreckers was like that. It's a fairly easy but tedious repair to glue them back on though...

    Maggie's will be coming on the market pretty soon as she's probably going overseas towards the end of August. It will have a roadworthy and about 10 months rego. Price is to be decided as it looks like I'll be selling it for her after she's gone but probably around $35-3800 - she hasn't put a price on it yet.

    It's a red one in excellent condition and has been used for occasional commuting, weekend rides and has even done a bit of touring ( as well as two icicle rides).

    I'll put it up in the for sale section next month shortly before she goes but there's no hurry about selling it.

  8. They are like clitorises in this forum.

    Along with gpx250's
  9. Spada? Did someone say Spada?

    Best learner bike there is. Damn good for non-learners as well.

    A thumping V-Twin (well as thumping as can with a 1/4 litre), smooth timeless lines, no stupid plastic shite to break or scratch. Got cred as well, laugh at anyone with a VTR and tell them YOU got the original, they got the 'cheap' version.

    Check out:


    I've said it before and I'll say it again:

  10. I have a spada. It's the perfect bike for a learner. Not too expensive, no fairing to ruin when you drop it, a bullet-proof frame and enough "go" to get a giggle out of me. I get around 190kms before I hit reserve... It usually costs me less than $10 to fill up the tank.

    For a female, 5'3" average weight (me), it's perfect. Just successfully passed my P's test on my spada with no hassles. Boyfriend on a full-fairing bike was having a hard time in some components and ended up hiring a CB to do the test.

    Insurance is not too much, epecially compared to full-fairing bikes.

    Go the V-twin. Less expensive to service than the inline 4's (Yamaha Zeal for example).

    Parts are easy to source as the majority of them are the same as for the VTR.

    Go the Spada!
  11. The Spada is sounding better and better, and a great bike for me - an absolute beginner!
  12. Flaming Red ..... he means they are hard to find but good in the wet :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I was going more along the lines of every c*1t having one.

    but thats pretty funny too!

  14. Spada's are a cult classic.
  15. $35 i'll put a deposit on it tonight, heck i'll buy it tonight even, pay cash as well :) What time you home Tony?
  16. that's 3500-3800 Mick!
    besides, it's probably too powerful for you... :LOL:
  17. SPADA owners .... where are you all?? Probably at work still (like me), or travelling home (like I wish I was) or eating dinner maybe (which I will get from a drive thru)!!!!!

    Help my dear sister out and give her some info on this bike!!
    Tell her how great it is so she can't wait to get one and come riding with me!!!

    Big Red on a beasty looking cruiser and Flaming Red on a naked SPADA ... :D :D \:D/ :biker: :moped:
  18. Just finished a 5 day tour on a Spada. Clocked up about 3000 k's on it, and that was with a day rest when I visited my parents.

    Anyhow for the pro's & con's:

    - Good for those shorter riders. But I'm 6 foot and I only feel a little uncomfortable on longer rides.
    Then it's just a matter on a straight stretch of road of moving up to the pillion seat for a bit to stretch the legs. Lana's who's 5 foot something (think 4), finds it perfect.
    - Strong frame.
    - You drop her, worst you're going to do is bust brake levers/mirror/pedals. Extremely cheap to fix.
    - Good low end power. You'll keep up with those CBR's in the twisties (they'll smoke you on the straights though).
    - Replacement parts a plenty. Either wrecked Spada's or VTR's.
    - Great commuter. Small enough to lanesplit easily.
    - Runs better on Unleaded than Premium

    The only cons I can think of is top end power is a little weak, so on the freeway you need to be a little careful. That's not a biggy though.

    And wind buffeting is a small issue, but that's a naked bike issue rather than a Spada thing.

    She's a perfect Learners bike. Enough get up and go to keep you interested, and highly forgiving of any stuff ups you do.

    3-3.5k should get you a reasonable one.
  19. Does anyone know the history of this bike?
    I have trying to do a bit of research and it looks like it was only manufactured for a short time around 1990? I also couldn't find any info in the Honda archives ..... anyone got some facts? What year are you likely to find one from and in what type of condition?

  20. It was only produced in one year. 1989 for grey import, 1990 for Australia.

    Why? The strong CASTEC frame made it cost as much as 650. No-one was going to buy a 250 for the price of a 650, so it flopped. But the bikes are thriving on the second hand market.

    Condition is all depending on the previous owners :)