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Honda Spada cam chain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pancho, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Any ideas on the difficulty and cost of replacing a cam chain in a honda spada?

  2. Send a pm to Brij, she just had one done recently I think?
  3. Find out anything?
  4. As in you want to do it yourself and wana know how much it costs?
    80-150 for a cam chain not too sure bout a spada. Service manual. Weekend if you havent done it before. Difficulty: depends on your experience/patience


    Get a mechanic to do it?
    Ring around, and see who will do you the best price
  5. It's one of the more expensive things you can ask a mechanic to do to a spada.....$4-500 at the low end of the quotes.

    It yours actually stuffed?, or just a little noisy?

    At this age many spadas will be a bit noisy (a quite a few vtrs too) if you let them sit idling for a while you can usually hear the timing chains rattling away, it is usually only cosmetic, they're not likely to jump teeth, snap or stretch far enough to alter cam timing by much, the trick is knowing when they are just noisy vs stuffed :LOL: ......something else usually gets these engines before timing chain problems (fried rear cylinder/cooling problems, general wear etc).

    It's also possible the tensioners may just need replacing, i've also read of people pulling out the tensioners cleaning them up and that reducing the rattling. I might be wrong, but i think in the honda 250 vtwins the tensioners are driven by oil pressure rather than springs/cam lobe adjustment "gunk" stops them working correctly.

    Keep in mind these engines tend make a bit of valve gear noise regardless (not heaps, just more than some other 250s), I have read of people getting their timing chains replaced and not hearing any significant difference.

    Get a mechanic to pull the rocker covers off and give you an opinion on the chain (how loose/stretched), tensioners (if they appear to be working) and sprockets (worn badly etc), before just getting them replaced due to a rattle.
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  6. thanks dude :)