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HONDA SPADA-battery flat

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Ann, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm have no knowledge about the mechanics of a bike.
    I haven't been riding my Spada all that long and have neglected for a few months now. When i tried to start the engine, the bike gave a very limpy choking sound and couldnt start.

    I believe my battery is flat.

    Can somebody let me know how I can charge my bike's battery with a charger? Or should i leave it to an expert being a newbie and all.

  2. Where abouts are you ann? I live, well near no-one, but I'm sure someone will live close enough to lend you a hand.

    Does the bike turnover at all? if it turns over normally but doesn't fire then you have a bigger problem. If it doesn't turn over, or turns over pathetically, read on!

    Charging s simple, if you have a charger, put the black lead to the negative (-) terminal and the read lead to the positive (+), leave it for a few hours (overnight is good), then start ur bike!

    Oh! the barttery is under the seat, if you can;t get the seat off then you'll have to get one of the spada owners to help you out!

    If it starts, but the battery goes flat after a few days then your bike might have charging problems, write back and let us know wnad we'll help ya sort em out as well.

    You can buy a charger from big W or Kmart for like 15 bucks I think, well worth it.

    Happy riding!!
  3. Hi Tim,

    thanks for your reply

    What do u mean by turn over ?

    The sound is very quiet actually, not like its usually chugging sound.
    The clicking sound is very quiet.

    Do you mean i don't even need to turn the engine on to charge the batteries?
  4. Ann, in his own quaint way, Tim was offering to help, but since he's at Bathurst, he's unliklely to be able to help. He DID ask where you were so perhaps one of us can offer some hands-on assistance instead....

    Your description could mean a number of things, not the least that your description doesn't describe the problem. So, give us an idea of where you are, and let's see if we can 'Connect Riders' and get some expertise to bear on the subject, OK??
  5. Ann,

    if you have a battery charger for the car you should be able to charge the battery fine.

    Step 1 on the right side of the bike is a keyhole about 1/2 way along the seat and down about 4" Use this and you should be able to remove the seat with no problem....may need to liftt he seat as you turn the key.

    once the seat is removed you will see the battery up the front just behind the fuel tank. you may need to remove caps on the terminals, but connect the charger here as detailed above (black on -ve, red on +ve)

    to put it all back together is the reverse.

    when they say turn over they mean does the engine try and run. ie does it cank but not fire.

    if it just goes tick then it's flat. if it cranks but doesn't start then there are other issues at play

    i know with my Spada i can get away with leaving it for a week and it will still start... much more and it has issues.

    Have fun and the Spada is a great little machine... just clocked up 4500 on mine since i got it 3 months ago.


  6. Thanks guys. I live in the city.

    I think I have a fair idea now. I'm gonna give it a go and I'll let you guys know how i went. Thanks alot.
  7. Ann, which city are you talking about? Which states are you in..... if you are in Melbourne city and need a hand.. let us know..
  8. hey cash, i live in Sydney city in chinatown.

    I finally tried recharging the battery but I'm not sure if its because I wasn't clamping the battery box correctly or if my battery is just completely dead.

    I tried taking the battery out and connected it to the battery recharger. But because the clamps were too big for the battery box, i had to use a conductor/a metalalic object like a screw driver for it to connect to the battery box and allow the clamp to clamp onto the screw driver.

    not sure if that made any sense.

    In the end, i left it for 10hrs and reassembled the battery into the bike. Tried to start the engine, but this time it was worst.
    It didn't even making any clicking sound. I think its totally dead.

    In that case, would ACTION motorcycles sell new batteries and what battery would fit into a HONDA spada. ? Thanks guys.
  9. If you have a multimeter you could check the voltage of the battery. Any friendly sydney sider NRs able to help out?

    But it does sound like the battery is gone.

    Any decent bike shop will be able to supply you a battery for your model of bike. Just tell them what bike you have and they can look it up in the directory. Call first in case they're out of stock.
  10. make sure your charger is not tripped.... use multimeter to check.
  11. before you do anything drastic, you should check whether the lights turn on when you have the ignition on. if it does, it means your battery has plenty of juice in it. If it's dim, or does not light up at all, it means it's dead.

    There's also a possibility that the charger was incorrectly hooked up; and therefore, didnt charge. If this is the case, you might want to try a clutch start. This way, you will be able to start the bike, and let the alternator do it's job (which is to charge the battery)
  12. hi guys,

    thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, i don't have a multimeter but I did go and buy a new batter pack.

    So i might try the new pack and see how it goes.
    I asked the guys at the bike store, and they said i might have busted the battery pack by charging it for 10hrs. the guys at the bike shop said that I was suppose to just charge batteries for 1hr the most.

    Although, the light on the bike is still on, so it maybe not charged properly.

    anyways, i'm gonna hook up the new battery and c if it works since i know that battery pack was charged properly.

    Thanks alot guys, i'll let you guys know how i went

  13. ah cool. hope you're back on the road soon.

    charging batteries depends on your charger, the higher the amps the faster the charge. it is possible to get chargers that maintain batteries charge once charging is complete. ie. they trickle current through... even possible to leave the charger on overnight.
  14. thanks guys for all your suggestions.
    I replaced the battery and its all good now.