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Honda Spada Bar End Mirrors

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by kb1200, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. The insides of the handle bars look like this http://i.imgur.com/D7HVcvV.jpg?1 so they are not hollow. I can't seem to figure out what kind of mounting system I would need to put bar end mirros as most of the ones I find are for hollow handle bars. Any suggestions?

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    screw a bolt in and try wiggling it out(or if needed hit the bolt with a hammer to loosen it up)

    then any of the mirrors from here should fit

    let me know if you get stuck

    or if you use ones that doesnt have much of a lip that sits inside the clip on you should be able to just remove the bar hardware from the aftermarket mirrors and bolt straight to stock hardware in the clip ons..
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  4. Tried removing the round nut and spreader spacer off the new mirrors and bolting them to the mounts in the bars?

    wd40? and just keep on working

    what area are you in?
  5. Yeah I gave it shot. In order to secure the mirrors the screw has to be all the way in. Because of this, the grips are pushed up against the mounts and on the accelerator it is a bit of a problem. If I somehow manage to get this metal piece out, I can choose how much distance I want between the grip and the mount. I'm in Preston.
  6. If you still stuck and feel like a ride to nunawading send me a pm and ill should be able to get it sorted for you.
  7. Damn that's pretty far! Thanks for the offer though. I will try it with WD-40. Two things I am going to try as well, first thing is to get a metal plate with a hole in it, put it between the screw and the bar and hammer away. Second thing would be to put a washer in between the mirror mount and the bar so the mount doesn't touch the grip. Will post pics when done.
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    :netrider: (y) (y)
    Damn thats pretty cool.
    Go for ride
    Meet another like-minded rider
    Bike is fixed
    Share knowledge
    Chance of liking said person
    hot sister
    Go for ride
    Ohh and did I mention go for a ride?

    Wadda ya got ta loose, no work for a few days either
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  9. check your pms ill be in the area today.
  10. well that failed..

    Still stuck and the local police think we were trying to steal the bike :facepalm:
  11. That was hilarious, never had the cops called on me because I was stealing my own bike before! Anyway, thanks heaps for coming out to help. I'll use the heating up method sometime next week. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Well that wasn't in the script. Still the day wasn't wasted. You got to dick with PC Plod and that is always fun AND not guilty is even better..... "Bluer6 you are a good guy" and kb1200 did you offer anything in return for his kindness?. Just thanx is sometimes enough but beer is always better. ... I just read this back to my self ( relationship counselor I am not)