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Honda spada... any good for first bike??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by honeybeesweet, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Looking at getting a Honda spada 250 for my first bike... any good??

  2. The best!! Try Caringbah Motorcycles, Steve there imports them. Anyway heaps of threads on here about Spada's. Do a search!
  3. nice paintjob on that one!

    they're excellent learner bikes.. and its Spada (or Sparta :p ). the VTR250 replaced it. V twin has excellent flexibility, very forgiving engine, sounds great, good handling...)
  4. do you have a phone number or link for caringbah motorcycles??
  5. Sparda :LOL: Nice bike, the seem to be a little more forgiving than the VTR's. Still a good bike to learn and progess in your own abilities on.
    Good luck with it :grin:
  6. whoops!! bad spelling!!
    Love the paintjob!! whatever bike i end up getting i want it pink!!
  7. Thanks for that xxx
  8. yeah .. www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au or 02 95261122 Steve Wyers is his name. He imports them directly himself. I bought mine from him a year ago for $3900. I've actually decided not to sell her when I upgrade shortly. I love her too much and she is cheap to register/insure/run etc. My son will get her when he gets his L's in just over a year and I will use her to commute in the meantime.

    Good luck, but do a search on Spada's on here, a heap of information is available.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of pink bikes..
  9. thanks for the info.... lol i know not everyone is into pink bikes but i am... i want to get a betty boop theme happening... each to their own i guess xxx
  10. Pretty happy with Lara :grin: Second (and third then fourth) run up the Old Road today, and the Spada's growing on me some more, though fairings would be nice at 80kmh+. It's not a fast bike, not a slow 250...light and very chuckable. Would like some stiffer front forks, but mine could just be in need of attention...also, I'm 80kg so your mileage may vary :LOL: On that note, I get around 4-5L/100km depending on the right wrist :wink: Service is cheap and easy, and it won't cost much to fix after a minor drop. No fairing and the frame seems like it would be indestructible.

    Try out a million different bikes before you buy one :)
  11. ive been looking at a few different ones but i cant find one that i like better than this... i prefer the naked old school style bike and look.
  12. jeez, Suzy, that's MY job!!!

    Yeah, go and see Steve Wyers!

    And, welcome to Netrider :).
  13. um, sorry dude! that's my avatar! get another one!

    as for your Q: nah, they're shit! get an across instead. :wink:
  14. I have a suspicion that HBS might be a lady, and maybe the avatar is very appropriate then.

    {I hope you're paying a licensing fee to NGK for the use of it, incidentally!}
  15. oh, you'll never understand, hornet!

    it's like when 2 chicks go to a party and find out that she is wearing the same dress as yourself!

    can't have that now!

    seniority rules! chance that dress sister!
  16. Yeah, but look at it this way; lots of blokes might like the opportunity of seeing that avatar TWICE!! :LOL:
  17. you know, as much as i like looking at the avatar i had to do a double take cus i thought i was reading a thread that i created.

    poor me, here i thought i was back shopping for the spada, again.

  18. One more vote for the mighty Spada. Goes forever, goes well, handles well, will get up and boogie if you ask it to but you don't have to rev the ring out of it to get anywhere like with some of the other 250s. Excellent resale value, but I'll likely be keeping mine for other family members too when I upgrade - it's just that good.
  19. Most awesome-est bike Ever!!! :grin:

    Well maybe not, but bloody good as a 250 learner.

    can even drop them and hop right back on and ride with no serious damage

    Hard to go past.