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Honda Spada 250 vs Honda Hornet 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Christine, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for some advice on my first motorbike! I've had my eye on the VTR250 but sadly there are just a little bit out of my budget (having not gotten as much as I would have liked for the sale of my scooter!). So now a friend is trying to talk me into the Spada. I understand it is the predecessor of the VTR. However, I'm not as keen on the look! I have seen a Honda Hornet which I quite like. But I understand that the Spada is a Vtwin as oppossed to the Hornet which is a 4 cylinder. I was just wondering if anyone could offer advice, opinions, etc on the difference. Price to run, maintain etc. I understand it's a tad harder to learn how to service your own bike if it's a 4 cylinder?

    So...I put the question to people who know more than me! All I know is what (I think) looks nice!

    Thank you so much!
  2. Don't know anything about the Hornet.
    I own a Spada and have really enjoyed my time on it - short, light, and just enough power make it a perfect commuter and fun on the weekends too.
    But at 22yo they're starting to get a little tired even though they were heavily over-engineered, so a well-maintained one is what you'd be after...
    You don't mention what your budget is or your location, but Caringbah Motorcycles in Sydney usually have a few around the $3-4K region.
    Oil, filter and plug changes are easy. I spend about $30 on petrol a fortnight to commute about 550Km.
  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your reply!
    I'm based in VIC and my budget is only round $3000 sadly. I've seen one that only has 9,201 on the clock so I might get my mate to take a look at that one for me. I just wasn't as keen on the look of the spada but it's sounding like people really enjoy riding them. I took a Suzuki Bandit for a test ride a while ago and loved the feel of that but again that one is a 4 cylinder and I'm getting the notion that the Vtwin is the better way to go? Longer lasting?
  4. Spadas are getting on a bit in terms of age, given they only made them for one year (1989 to be precise). A Hornet or Bandit might be slightly more complex due to the extra cylinders, but if it's newer and/or in better condition it'll likely be the cheaper option in the long run - especially if it's a later model GSF250V Bandit (top of the engine is red on those).

    I had a 250 Katana which used the early Bandit engine, and apart from a tendency to chew through spark plugs due to the high revs (which were only $20 to replace anyway), I never had any problems with it in around 40,000kms of riding. The extra size and power of the Bandit/Hornet over the Spada is definitely worth it IMO.
  5. You should listen to JD...
  6. Ah, ok thanks! I understood the Spada had more power. I'm so confused! I wish I could just afford the one I know about! :)
  7. I was in the same position as you Christine about three weeks ago. The bandit is more powerful and bigger, but also slightly heavier. buuuuuut the spada sounds way better. could just be that i'm biased towards v-twins though.

    it really comes down to what you prefer. i really liked the weight and size of the spada so i went for it. I managed to get mine for $2k with 37000 on it, which isnt too bad for its age. ride both then pick one, that's what solved it for me :) good luck
  8. Had a Hornet and loved it. All the way is my vote. I added some MX bars and the little thing handled awesomely. And a 180 rear, that's bigger than the 170 on my current 600! And yes, spada = old slow and old and slow.
  9. Don't get a Spada. They are so old, it's asking for problems.
  10. I believe the Hornet has the 600 chassis? I got a (lowered) Spada for my first bike. The Hornet felt just too big and heavy to me (5"4 with short legs).
  11. well this is exactly the question ive been asking myself.
    plus add in the VTR250 to the mix...

    i sat on a Hornet 2 days ago at Hinterland Motorcycles on the Goldy a blue one that was going for $3900 ride away, 96 model with 17000kms done.
    is that good ?

    but comparing to a Spada that may be 6 yrs older and at least a grand an half cheaper im swaying towards the Spada at this stage due to budget mainly.
    I'm 5'9 at 70kg and the Hornet did feel good though, will have to test ride the Spada though.
  12. Depends on its condition, since the odometer reading on any grey import is never a good guide (even if correct it only means the bike's been sitting doing nothing for a long time, which introduces its own problems).

    Be sure to look at more than the shiny paintwork, take a torch and have a good look up under the tank and other places not easily resprayed.

    Though it still baffles me why people pay so much more for Hondas. Given your budget/location I'd be going for something like this:
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik... 1626 1428 4294967268 4294964844 79&silo=1400
  13. yea that bike has actually caught my eye before on bikesales.
    One owner in perfect nic takes heaps of worry out of the equation,
    would it be similar in power to the Hornet being 4 cylinder and all?
    may see if he will drop the price...
  14. Both the Hornet and late model Bandits were both limited to the same 40hp limit under Japanese law so in terms of top speed they're basically the same.

    The Bandit does however have better low end performance thanks to the variable intake (also has slightly more torque).
  15. actually the other way round, as I understand it, the 600 Hornet is the the 600 engine in the 250 frame (including the dreadfully inadequate 16 litre fuel tank :LOL:)

    also be aware that with the Hornet you will be limited for choice in front tyres due to the 16" front wheel...