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Honda Spada 250 / Honda VTZ250 ...are these the same or what

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RickH, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for first bike.
    I spotted a stack of Spada's around all seem to be about the $4000 mark but saw Honda VTZ 250 for same money looks a little different ....but what are the differences and which is the better bike ?

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  3. There are claims that the SPADA had more power then the current VTR has, but its not as nice looking.. :)
  4. How do you carry your seeing eye dog on the bike? :p
  5. The Spada has a (factory stated) couple more hp, a (slightly) more aggressive riding position, (slightly) lower seat height, a smaller tank (spada 11l vs VTR 13l) and an extra gear (6 vs 5) on the VTR.

    They both use essentially the same engine in a slightly different state of tune, the Spada's redline is higher. The engine has a decent spread of torque, the lack of a gear on the VTR isn't really noticed.

    There's little difference between them in performance, the Spada maybe has a little more top end, they are towards the "faster/more powerful" end of 4 stroke 250s (vs crap like CBFs etc)

    Both go and handle well, with the VTR probably being slightly more friendly to a new rider due to it's riding position.

    To me the VTR is a cheaper-to-construct evolution of the Spada, it uses a steel frame vs the alloy frame of the Spada, one less gear and pre-2003 VTRs (thanks Dougz) lacked a tacho (Spadas had tachos).

    As previously mentioned, although Spadas were officially sold here, they were expensive and sold poorly, there are more import Spadas on the road than Aus sold.

    Honda stopped production of the Spada in the early 90s, so the youngest is 15+yrs old, If paying similar money for the two you'd probably go for the younger, all else be equal:)

    As much as I like my Spada there's no way I'd pay $4000 for one vs paying a little more these days for a much younger VTR.

    As for looks....well......my Spada doesn't look like a Monster clone......I like the VTR, but the Spada is definately the more unique of the two in appearance.........the Spada looks both old school 80s yet still quite modern.
  6. The Spada are a great bike, however as DTwo pointed out they are 15yo. A lot are also grey imports. I would place a word of caution that they can be expensive to fix if there are engine problems, of which there have been more than a couple.

    My $0.02, get a good condition VTR unless you can find a great condition Spada.
  7. Actually it's pre 2003 VTR250's that had no tacho. The VTR's from the early 90's are completely different animals to what is around now.


    This is a 1989 model.
  8. Doh!,

    erm yes, 03 not 93.....

    hey, it had a 3:)
  9. I brought my Spada from Carringbah Motorcycles. It came off the container with only 7,011km. I didn't believe it at first and thought the odometer was wound back. I compared it to the other 30 Spadas from the same container. My Spada was way better than the other Spadas.

    I was looking at VTR250s as well. Two years ago, there were hardly any 2nd hand VTR250s around. The odd one on sale had their prices very close to a new VTR250. I decided to save myself about $3000 or more and invest that into gear and lessons.

    Now, there are quite a few. At very good prices as well. If I was buying my"First" bike now instead of 2006, I would probably chose a VTR250 due to the fact that the electronics is more modern and therefore it would be easier to start. My Spada is great but it has troubles starting on cold wnter nights or after rainy cold winter nights. I had to clutch start it again last night.

    Other than that, my Spada is going really well. I'm still happy with it and my mechanic said that it has a very strong motor.
  10. Apart from being younger, I don't think there's any notable difference in ignition systems between the Spada and VTR.

    If the engine is strong yet starting is difficult, it is more likely to be a tuning issue than otherwise (carbs, plugs, battery etc).

    I've never had any "unusual" trouble starting my Spada.
  11. Ive had a Spada for a couple years now and it was a great 1st bike. I havn't riden a VTR to compare but +1 for the Spada.
    Ps. If your in Geelong (Vic) or near by and want to buy one im about to sell mine. PM me for info.